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PPC websites – earning by clicking ads

PPC or Pay Per Click websites are used for non-investing earnings. You have a certain number of ads and every day you have to click on it to get revenue share. Earnings are up to several cents a day, but often 1 cent. It can be higher if you find or buy referrals. You can also buy advertising package to promote your business. The PPC model I like to call a monkey pays to monkeys watching. Is it possible to sell anything to people who watch ads to earn 1 cent a day? Maybe membership, and with that your earnings can grow. For example, I signed up at zimbux.com. It is a simple web site with a similar pattern as many of them.


After a certain viewing time, adverts should usually be verified by selecting thumbnails. Ads can have different prices, so first click those with higher amounts. It often repeats and promotes other ppc webpages. Clicking is completed in 5 minutes and I am going to the grid prize game. In this case, that’s 250 fields, and ads behind them. Today I was lucky and won a prize of 0.5 cents in the first attempt. Still remained 24 times, but I have already earned enough, becouse I have more than 6 cents. I also have 38 points that can be converted, and 2 referrals that do not click on ads. So except the stats, this site has 3 banners, 4 payment processor and forum where some members advertise other jobs. I see that average earnings are half a dollar. Members can receivted messages if it set in the settings. And this is all, the folks!
Who want to earn can press a link below. I’m curious to know people satisfied with this job.




After a few days my dashboard looks like this:


Here you can track my earnings:

04.12.18.       1 clicks,promote           5       7 points              2        0,0192
07.12.18.       4 clicks,promote         19    29 points              2        0,0378
08.12.18.       5 clicks,promote         37    47 points              2        0,0809
11.12.18.       8           clicks         55    65 points              2        0,1229
13.12.18.     10           clicks         65    75 points              2        0,1440
19.12.18.     15           clicks       107 117 points              2        0,2312
24.12.18.     20           clicks       135 145 points              2        0,3151
29.12.18.     25           clicks       160 170 points              2        0,4032
04.01.19.     32           clicks       201 211 points              2        0,5053


Revision of 04.01.2019:
Today is my lucky day because I finish clicking. It was not hard physically, but mentally. Almost every day I watched 10 same ads and earned half a dollar for a month. Without referrals this job is an impossible mission. Actually I had two, but they did not click. I will be happy to publish a story about someone who has made money on this.

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