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HYIP – earn by doing nothing

If someone don’t know, a HYIP (high-yield investment program) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. The HYIP web site is always presented as a legal business, and usually offers investment packages with various combinations of amounts and time. In last times it is often some investment in cryptocurrency, and the companies are registered in Great Britain for a couple of dollars. The percentage of earnings is calculated on a daily basis, if it ‘s the smaller, page has longer life. Deposit is usually $ 10 to $ 10,000, but there are also some with min $ 1, or max $ 100,000. HYIP have referral programs ranging from 10% to more, most often at three levels. Withdrawal can be manual and instant or automatic. Transactions are performed over payment processors like Payer, Perfect Money, Advcash, or cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, ethereum. Payment can include a deposit or not, it may be daily, or at the end of the period. Most of the HYIP pages have similar menu, and the home page contains a brief description of the job type, lifetime, number of investors, total deposits amount and withdrawals. Then we have something about the company, investment plans, calculator of earning, answers to frequently asked questions and a description of affiliate program. Some of it shows evidence of company registration, withdrawals, or testimony of satisfied customers. The duration of these programs depends on the relationship between withdrawals and payment. Some offer hourly earnings and end in a few days, and those who are well prepared last more than two years. For example I decided to invest in Kirklandfelt.com, which is presented through ecological mining of cryptocurrency.


You can see it work 21 months, there are over 17,000 investors and $ 9 million in deposits. There are 3 payment plans: Max Trade brings 7% earnings in 20 business days with a stake of $ 25 to $ 100,000 and a daily withdrawal of 140% in four weeks, followed by 155% High Traderade with withdrawal after 28 days, and Mining Plan with 1.25% per day , which gives 125% in four weeks, when on the end of period deposit is added to daily withdrawals. The other two options are from $ 10 to $ 100,000.


So here you do not need to do anything other than paying and withdrawing, and in the meantime to hope site will not stop paying. You can use information by some HYIP monitors before making a payment. These are the pages that give the most important features of HYIP-s and sometimes invest in them. The figure below is such one, and they say they are independent, as opposed to some who receive money from HYIP-s. Only for $ 1 I will send you link of perfect monitor that offers: exclusive HYIP-s, premium, normal, over 2300 scam sites, top 10 most successful and top 10 longlife, latest. In addition, I give free advice before investing in order to avoid losing money.


You can follow the situation below with my role in Kirklandfelt. Although program works for a long time, I have conclusion that payments are still growing fast enough to not breaks it down. But it can change at any time and when you see “not paying” on some monitor then in most cases it is to late for withdrawal. Kirklandfelt still has: a referral program at 3 levels of 7%, 2 and 1%, an online support and active community tracking it through Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Whoever thinks like me, that may take another month, there is an available referral link below.



Account balance after 2 weeks:


Here you can see how earning returns 90% deposit after 18 days :


I have payouts by Payer:


Revision of 19.12.2018:
Today owner John Kirkland have sent mail to members. After the down-time and attacks, they have decided: to close withdrawals for 24 hours, cancel all current withdrawal requests, push for reinvest from balance, after 24 hours max withdrawal limit per user $50 per day, and after 2 to 7 days they might remove all limits and return to normal.

Revision of 21.12.2018:
John Kirkland has registered a new domain and copied the content of the site except the account balance. In the old account it is left my 7 unpaid dollars, so I had a $ 5 loss.
Now the question is: invest in new page or find another HYIP ?

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