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How to choose HYIP investment

In the Kirklandfelt scam for ecological mining I had a lesser loss because I was join to late. This HYIP lasted for 22 months, what is nearly two years, and this is a critical time for such programs. If we know the dynamics of payment and payout, yield percentage, and similar datas, we can count their approximate lifetime. But if you don’t want to count, you can use this recommendation:
 5% / day lasts up to 2 weeks
 2.5 -5% / day lasts up to one month
 1.5% / day lasts from 3 months to a year.
Also you should not invest in programs that offer hourly earnings. But they usually have packages that are a combination, and you never know when owners will be satisfied with profit. However, we can assume it will not interrupt if earnings grow. When choosing HYIPs, do not be too greedy, and take advantage those with slower earnings. So who wants, can try again, this time with kirkfelt.com, but I think it will be harder second time. I would rather choose the new HYIP, because there’s a lot of them. The problem here is that you can not predict what growth will be in the beginning, and if it works well, than can be late. Now I’ve invested $ 25 in estatestech.com. Estates Tech is represented by tech platform for the crypto real estate industry. They give you the opportunity to instantly invest in real estate market, and allow anyone to create and manage their own real estate investment income portfolio. This is enough explanation because nobody’s is interested about it, than earning. They offer four package you can see in the picture:


 0.13% hourly for 40 days, minimum: $ 25, total profit: 124.8%
 7% daily for 29 days, minimum: $ 100, total profit: 147%, no earnings on
 0.21% hourly for 30 days, minimum: $ 300, total profit: 151.04%
 0.34% per hour for 21 days, minimum: $ 800, total profit: 171.36%, and for
  all, capital included.
The return is high but I guess most payments will be for the smallest package, as well as thay will not do big payouts. It is important for program lifetime that most people have confidence in the job, and that is what they have with smaller payout. Specifically, they are interested to pay, and they are not interested for the nature of the business. That’s probably because most know that job is a scam. And that is why investing in HYIP can be viewed as a beting on lifetime. The advantage is that here you can return the part of your invested, but the lack is the waiting. They also have a referral program of 10, 3 and 2%, and the joining of Telegram group. This is very populary in last times, although it does not mean much. When a problem occurs, the site owner attempts to convince members he do all it can to resolve it, and no one will stay without money. But it is only worth for him. After 12 days statistics says: over $ 25,000 deposited, $ 10,200 payout and about 500 accounts.


Members often withdraw funds if they have an instant withdrawal, so their money would not remain in the account for an suddenly termination. I do it 3-4 times when account exceeds $ 5. In the end I will mention that the processors are common: Payer, Perfect Money and three cryptocurrencies. Who wants to try it, have link below, but he should hurry because tomorrow may be late.



Revision of 27.12.2018:
In the last 3 days, the relationship between payment and payout has started to decrease and so the earnings of the site too, because payout has doubled, so I decided to withdraw my earnings.



Revision of 03.01.2019:
Link is disabled due to payment disruption.
Payments from this site appear to have ended. The last payment was two days ago, after the payouts were stopped four days ago. At this point, earnings were around $ 13,000 and began to decline so withdrawals were put on pending. The owners offered discount packages, but with no success. This condition will take some time, and then the site will become inaccessible, like the telegram group is turned off. So payments have lasted for 16 days so my recommendation is not to invest in pages that counts earnings in hours. The 3% daily payout was too large, but I saw pages that had 1% and finished in a month. It all depends on payments, or until the owner grows earnings.

Revision of 09.01.2019:
From now this site is unavailable and this is the fate of each HYIP. The only question is when this will happen, and how much you have withdrawn in relation to the deposit. Such investments are always risky, so we will try to better choose in the next article.

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