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A real and fake Airdrops

An airdrop is a free distribution of tokens of new cryptocurrency projects. These free tokens can eventually take on a great value. This process is different from the ICO, which makes it possible to invest in a project before it is launched. Publicize the project in exchange for a reward. Distributing tokens has for aim to be known thanks to the airdrop, to have more and more users to ensure the success of a project or quite simply of the company in question. This could encourage investors to support this project even more.The company decide to offer you tokens for your loyalty, and this can encourage you to continue following it. All you have to do is register on the web page of the company in question, which will offer you tokens in exchange for your registration. These tokens will be saved directly to your account linked to this site. You will have the choice between keeping the tokens on the site, or sending them on your wallet. Advice: it is preferable to create an email address only for the airdrop, because you will receive many emails.
Linking your wallet is quite similar to the first way, except that you need to add your wallet to receive the tokens directly on it. Without having to create an account on the site, you just have to give your email address and that of your wallet. Most often, the tokens related to these distributions, are ERC-20 type, which means you must have an Ethereum wallet. If you see that a site asks you to fill in your private key, this is probably a sign of a scam.
A snapshot airdrop consists for a company to take a snapshot of your wallet at a given moment. The tokens you can get will depend on the ones you already have.They can offer multiple number of tokens for each ETH or BTC on your wallets. There is example of airdrop asking for nothing and sending tokens to members’ wallets, this was the case for OmiseGO.
First I’ll show you what’s not airdrop. I chose this because the site offers free cryptocurrency aeternity and a paid visit. So in promote the jaxx multipurpose crypto wallet you can get 60 AE tokens worth about $ 24, and 0.003 ETH for every visitor to the site. Their offer is on page utradecoin.com. You can request payment when your balance has reached the minimum withdrawal threshold. It’s so good, but I do not believe in a free lunch. If it were true, you would make $ 70 with little effort. I tried to figure out what’s behind it, if they do not seek registration, maybe some virus.
A similar site is bitcoininvite.com that shares 0,002 BTC worth $ 12. At
scamadviser.com you can see the comments with conclusion it is scam. They have counters that count from 6 BTC to zero and sum up payments that exceeded 100 BTC. Of course, no one will share so much money, and the program is probably a collector of mails adress.
When I reach the withdrawal amount, over the ads exchange program, I will check this gift, and now let we back on cryptocurrency.
On web page aeternity.com where the background show explosion in the space, you ca find enough information about this project. Founder Yanislav Malahov was closely involved in the creation of Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. Today he’s building a new blockchain called Aeternity, which he believes will be more scalable and offer lower costs for smart contracts than anything that’s come before. It is unusual the airdrop is now, but token is for 1,5 years on the stock market. I downloaded the jaxx promo wallet but my computer warned me the application was harmful, so I quit the installation. Then I went to the original page of this wallet and saw that the installation file had 140 MB, while the first one had less than 1. This is a kind of malicious program which is presented under a fake name, and therefore a reward is offered for the installation. However, there were no awards. Later, when I tried log in to see how many visits I received, initially a message appeared the capacity was exceeded. Then I was offered the same page but with another domain name. After that I could not report with my referral number. So, as I have assumed, there is nothing free and you can still damage the computer.
Revision of 20.04.2019:
When I collected more than a hundred visits, or 0.3ETH on my account and requested withdrawals, I was asked for a the wallet address and private key. This is the key to accessing funds in your account. They also note that due to possible scams they will not pay for newly created accounts. So, they are looking for a way to get the accounts that already have ETH. I gave them a fake key and after that I saw my pending transaction shown on the page. As a spice in the end they send a message that the transaction has succeeded, and offer a download of paperwallet which you need filled out for instant payment. The antivirus program warned me that this file was dangerous, so I refused it and ended up with this circus.

And now I will present an airdrop that runs until 26.01.2019. Sola is a hybrid media and social network managed by AI along with its users. Here you can be a content creator with a huge audience and earn on that. SOL is a cryptocurrency used in Sola (ERC20 standard token) and you will receive:
5 SOL after registration
10 SOL for install Android app, and
10 SOL for referral.
The link is on the button below.
Revision of 21.04.2019:
Recently, this social network gave up on further development with the message: “The journey is over.” But you can use the airdrop on some other sites like the AltExch exchange, by 15.05.2019. Subscribe for your 100 FREE tokens ($ 10 Value).



Next one is Domaur airdrop that ends on 21.01.2019. Domaur is a mobile application through which you can buy and sell a cryptocurrency in a few clicks. The application is under development and will be available after the end of Airdrop. After that, you can trade RUF tokens right in the exchange built into the application. To earn 15 RUF tokens worth $15 is needed:
start their telegram bot, join their telegram channel and telegram group. To get an extra 20 RUF, write a few words about what you think of Domaur in the topic bitcointalk.
I’ll give my brief opinion here: Who will bet with me, it’s a scam?

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