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Is a possible earning from HYIP ?

HYIP income is easiest if you organize it yourself, but here we will talk about the investor side. Is it just about guessing and happiness, or knowledge is important? Compare two HYIPs that are aborted, Kirklandfelt and Estatestech. The first one lasted 21 months before the break, there was over $ 9,000,000 in cash, and about 18,000 investors so the average stake was over $ 500. The second, before pending, worked half a month, total deposit was $ 30000 and about 600 accounts with average payment of $ 50. Since Kirkland did not show payouts, I did not know when earnings were interrupted, while Estatestech did so when the profit for a few days dropped from $ 15 to $ 13,000. The owner of the first opened a new Kirkfelt program, which is actually a copy of the first but with canceled payments and earnings. It called it version 2, or a recovery after a hacker attack. When I looked after two weeks I did not expect that there would be so much interest in continuing the program, but it seems a lot of people have made money for the first time and now they try again. The second HYIP had a total deposit almost as the first for one day, or several payments a day, so it quickly came to a crisis. After stopping the payouts, only two more investors put here $ 270, that was stupid. So, while owners might think about the new HYIP, Kirkland continued to earn on the old glory. There is also an active Telegram group where members can not write about payouts from the first page, or spread the negative atmosphere of the business, nor even ask about new accounts. The new program probably will not last as long as the first, but I think it might be profitable at the beginning. People choose what is already worked, rather than the new HYIP with an unknown result. That’s why I lost more in the second HYIP, though my package had double interest in the first one. The old Kirklandfelt lasted 21 months, what was a long time, because members probably reinvested in it. After 2 weeks, there are about $ 400,000 in deposits and over 25,000 investors, so the average stack is $ 15. On the page, but also in the Telegram group, it is seen the withdrawals go smoothly and it should take longer than one month’s investment cycle. I thought I would not invest here anymore, but since I see there are enough payments so I’ll try again. Owner John Kirkland has also opened kirkpays.com where he manually handles $ 10 – $ 25,000 accounts from the old site and allows a daily payout of $ 2.5 to $ 15. This is a more market-based move to boost confidence because it has paid $ 4,000 for ten days, from new payments, of course, because this is HYIP and there is no mining or windmill. Since only $ 7 left to me, I can ask to transfer it to my new account. Kirkland probably picked up the earnings and cut off the first program when his profit began to fall, and the question is which story comes for the inevitable end. Meanwhile, let’s try to get some benefit from it until it’s too late. In the table you can track statistics:

 06.01.19.      15      26085     421615              PAYOUT=?
 07.01.19.      16      26336     487413              251      65798  PAYOUT=?
 08.01.19.      17      26554     533590              218      46177  PAYOUT=?
 09.01.19.      18      26718     596490              164      62900  PAYOUT=?
 10.01.19.      19      26930     649650              212      53160  PAYOUT=?
 11.01.19.      20      27213     705433              283      55783  PAYOUT=?
 12.01.19.      21      27384     726473              171      21040  PAYOUT=?
 13.01.19.      22      27552     769955              168      43482  PAYOUT=?
 14.01.19.      23      27750     826829              198      56874  PAYOUT=?
 15.01.19.      24      27996     921732              246      94903  PAYOUT=?
 16.01.19.      25      28231     994067              235      72335  PAYOUT=?
 17.01.19.      26      28529   1077797              298      83730  PAYOUT=?
 18.01.19.      27      28756   1145833              227      68036  PAYOUT=?
 19.01.19.      28      28916   1169229              160      23396  PAYOUT=?
 20.01.19.      29      29106   1229144              190      59915  PAYOUT=?
 21.01.19.      30      29303   1307505              336      78361  PAYOUT=?
 26.01.19.      35      30737   1805609              213      60839  PAYOUT=?
 31.01.19.      40      32427   2437220              311    129479  PAYOUT=?
 05.02.19.      45      34462   3192739              573    271537  PAYOUT=?
 10.02.19.      50      36617   4114350              625    195528  PAYOUT=?
 15.02.19.      55      39103   5376893              468    231828  PAYOUT=?
 25.02.19.      65      45159   7989930              594    290897  PAYOUT=?
 02.03.19.      70      48732   9934646              734    240178  PAYOUT=?
 07.03.19.      75      52702  12201136              871    590020  PAYOUT=?
 12.03.19.      80      57142  14669331              995    638806  PAYOUT=?
 22.03.19.      90      63118  19545634              995    782343  PAYOUT=?
 30.03.19.      98      63740  23446005               22    501901  PAYOUT=?



Revision of 06.02.2019:
As you can see from the table, the account number is increases over 300, and balance for over $ 100,000 daily. Total deposits totaled $ 3 million, and last time the interruption was about $ 10 million. In the pictures you can see I earned 140% of the stake, and at that time I did not get any referrals. Maybe I could invest another one or two cycles, but since I do not have any payment details I’ll save it for something safer.
Revision of 28.03.2019:
For the last ten days, kirkfelt does not pay, problems with logging are reported, referrals can not be loaded. John said that he worked on a new optimized software and solving the problem with the mail. It is possible that overload due to large traffic is due to over 63600 accounts. But it is also possible that he uses the situation to delay payments and get on time. He prepare some change, so we’ll soon see what’s going on.
Revision of 02.04.2019:
John continues the game, the last data is from day 98:
“Access to Kirkfelt.com is temporarily closed to preserve the database status for importation on the new domain name. Please wait and check back later for the link to the new domain name.”




To join kirkfelt.com go to the link below.




In addition to this dynamic HYIP I tried to find some stable long-term to avoid the risk of investment. Although there are HYIP-s working for more than three years as rhythm-and-profit.com, it’s too late to invest. Then I came across nooblescoin.com which mimics ICO of cryptocurrency, and has just started three weeks ago. There are packages of 0.6 to 2%, a period of 1 year to 120 days, and a stakes of $ 25 – $ 500,000. The referral program is 5,4,3,2 and 1% to 10,000 $ deposit and then the percentage climb up to a string that starts with 9%. There is also a bonus up to 8% from income, and 4 degree of careers for associates. Finally, they also offer a reward program for social networking.
Revision of 12.02.2019:
This hyip was paying only for 5 weeks, or just two after my investment. Since I have invested a minimum amount, and the interest rate is low, I requested payment yesterday when I collected $ 5 in account. Although they state that payment processing can take up to 3 days, two monitors show the last payment from 22 January. Payouts could take few months here, but apparently there were not enough deposits because statistics still show my payment since a month ago. This is a good example to avoid investing in hyips, the link is disabled.

To join nooblescoin.com go to the link below.




The third investment will be the cryptocurrency edrcoin (EDRC) that already exists on the coinmarketcap. It was presented as an eco-coin in 2016, shortly after the launch it was worth $ 2 and then fell at $ 0.1 for three months, and this is the approximate price today. But it is commonplace that cryptocurrencies lose value because most of them are bought for trading while ICO runs, and then sell as soon as they go out on the cryptomarket. EDRC has a small total emission of just 3.6 million, and last month it had a growth to $ 0.2. Several months ago, owners shared 100,000 EDRC coins in the repeated airdrop, and also have an active Telegram group. It is necessary download wallet and install it on your PC, or smartphone when this become enabled. There are two investment plans, silver with stakes of $ 1 – $ 1000 gives 0.65% for 14 days, and gold from $ 1 – $ 30000 with 1% for 49 days. The minimum withdrawal is $ 1, on the end of the period, and it is done manually. If is true statement by their official representative at bitcointalk that they have redeemed 600,000 EDRC, so many are now missing in circulating until full supply, and if they do not accept deposits that would exceed $ 120000 at the current price, then this will not be HYIP than a real investment. Under this condition, it would not matter if the interest paid in EDRC or dollars, what I don’t know now. The referral bonus of 5, 3 and 1% should also be added to this calculation. So if payout is in EDRC then you will not worry about ponzi scheme, but only for the stability of this cryptocurrency. Trading is mainly at Yobit Exchange, daily turnover is over $ 5,000 and marcet capitalization over half a million dollars, so now this looks good for investment.
Revision of 08.10.2019:
I have informations the last payout was 30.03.2019. so until further notice I do not recommend investing here. Instead, you can trade with a EDRCoin at the Yobit exchange office.

To join edrcoin.cash go to the link below.




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