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Hashing Ad Space – a real business you can count on

I set this title because I got such an impression after reading the prelounch note from CEO Luke Millard. They have based their business on trust, ethics, transparency and value, and want everyone to succeed. Hashing Ad Space is an online advertising platform that attracts people with common interests: attracting leads for growing own business, or simply earning from watching ads. You can purchase advertising packages and have your website displayed to other members. Choose between advertising block products: login ads, banner ads and ad minter, all $20 each. This page will enable: making money online and affiliate offers, tools and resources, training for online business, and cryptocurrency. Advertising minter packages will add to a members minting rewards for a total of 730 days. On advertising platform you will find, a countdown timer that guarantees viewer retention, advertising statistics, A/B testing software and geographical targeting to improve your advertising results. Minting crypto currency is the act of watching ads that “mints” crypto currency tokens each day. This minting is the creation of new tokens to the marketplace called Asimi. They award Asimi to everyone who has watched ads on this platform that day, and every ad watched receives an equal share. The more ads you watch, the greater your share in the Asimi minted that day and paid directly into your wallet. You can mint 1 ad per day for free, and can increase your minting ability through purchasing minting packages. Every minting package you purchase allows you to mint 1 ad per day for 365 days. Each package costs $100 purchased in Asimi, 100% of which, is returned to your wallet over the period of 365 days. This makes each minting booster package essentially free to own, plus generates profit as it qualifies you for a greater share of the newly minted Asimi each day. It’s important to notice that there is no yield on the packages, that usually turns the job into ponzi. Hashing Ad Space is built for a lifelong income because minting rewards schedule runs for over 100 years. People want to mint crypto simply to make money from home and this builds the audience. The more people viewing ads, the more valuable the advertising becomes, the more people want to come and advertise, the more advertising they purchase, the more profitable the business, the more they can pay to minters.
Asimi is a utility token for the sole purposes of online advertising purchases and the unique minting rewards system exclusive to Hashing Ad Space. Asimi will be the only method of payment on Hashing Ad Space, including all advertising purchases, earnings and withdrawals. Asimi does not have an ICO and it is simply purchased for the use of advertising on an open exchange. You can read the white paper here, www.asimi.io and the most important is the way of distribution. Total supply is 67000000, of which 5920000 will be divided into miners at a starting rate of 17438 / day. When I turned on I got 3.5 Asimi for one day and an ad, meaning that around 5000 people watched ads per day. Asimi LLC, or 10% are premined that will be used for their own needs, and 76% of tokens will be minted through ad views.


It can be seen from the formula that the number of earned tokens will fall with the growth of members, but it is possible growth the value of token. Using your own currency will give stability to the token ecosystem. On this way the members themselves control the system and doesn’t rely on another cryptocurrency value. They have chosen Waves blockchain to build this token, becouse it offer the most simple, user friendly platform, with their crypto money stored on their own computer, and the control all of keys. It also has high transaction speeds and low fees for the trade. Also, a portion of company sales profits is allocated to external mining, that is master node investments for other coins or tokens. This is not an investment for members, but designed to continue to add value to Asimi and reward Asimi minters even further. Sales affiliates will be rewarded with 4% of any “Minting Package” purchases that has made by any of their direct recommendations for a lifetime, and 50% of any “Advertising Blocks” purchased from any of their direct referrals. Also, new referrals will pay $ 30 of membership fees after launch. This seems to me to be a strong recommendation that Luke wants to make a sustainable job, and that is why I hope I will still write about this program.
So if you want to take advantage of this, little time before launch, you can do that on the link below because it’s all free for now.



Revision of 25.02.2019:
Today, the program is fully launched and no more free packages. The current price of one minting package (Asimi Stake) is about 57 asimi, which means the value of asimi is $ 1.75. Since about 17,000 members is watching ads, they share 1 asimi/package, so daily earnings per package is $ 1.75.

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