Skyway – good earnings by future shares

Skyway is an innovative technology for transporting goods and passengers above the earth. Today on the internet there are so many materials about Skyway that it is clear in which direction the project is moving. But two or three years ago there was only sketches and it was not easy to conclude. Then it was necessary some courage to invest, but those who did it would also have the highest earnings. A few months after I first heard about this, I concluded that it was not fraud, when I was listening to a webinar with good proofs.
The story begins in the eighties of the last century when Russian traffic engineer Anatoly Eduardović Junitskij discovered deficiencies in railway transport and started working on this innovative technology. Otherwise he owns more than 140 patents, has 200 scientific papers and 30 awards at various fairs. He also worked on the Soviet space program and applied some solutions here.
The advantages of Skyway are as follows:
-it is necessary to invest only half the funds for construction and maintenance compared to the classic rail
-it is faster 4-5 times with speeds up to 500 km / h
-is independent of weather conditions so it can be used throughout the year,
-deserts, mountains, sea bays, river canyons are not an obstacle,
-ecologically clean because it is powered by renewable sources of energy,
-does not create a great noise as it produces up to 65 dB
-it is safer than any other type of transport because it can not the collision.
Or shortly speaking: it is the transport of the future.
This transportation is divided into three categories: for city, freight and high speed. So far they have produced the following vehicles: unibike and uniwind two-seater, unibus with 14 and 48 seats, unicar with 18 and 6, freight unitrack, unibus with 6 seats for 500km / h, dron for heavy loads, small dron and unimobile for the disabled . All rail vehicles use autopilots to maintain the safety and continuity of passenger and freight flows and move in one direction.



City unibus has capacity of 14 people, located on rails of 3.5 to 15 meters, develops speeds up to 150 km / h and connects sites to 200 km distance.
Unibike of similar speed has a comfy cab with internet, excellent thermal and sound isolation, and a recreational pedal with a monitoring display. It is also equipped with an air conditioner and it is anticipated to be a taxi replacement. As there is a great need in Asia for such vehicles, they are planning to produce several million a year.
At the Berlin Innotras Rail Show, in the 9th month of 2018, was presented unicar with capacity of 18 persons replacing buses, trams and the like. It has three compartment per 6 passengers, each featuring a video player with: driving data, temperature, and stations. The door opens pneumatic but lubricating grease is not visible.
For the freight will be used 16 version according to the type of goods and some are: unitrack – liquid cargo, unitrans – bulk cargo, unicont – containers. In addition to providing quick loading and unloading of ships in ports, the rails can be introduced into the factory to load palletised goods in containers with forklifts. The distance that connects here is 10000 km, and allowing an annual turnover of 200 million tons that can satisfy the needs of the states.
The high-speed Unibus that runs up to 500km / h has an aerodynamic beak, costs $ 100,000, and fuel consumption through fuel prices is several times smaller than for example a bugatti two-seater similar speed of $ 3 million dollars. The rails for it are resistant to high loads and shocks, and the air resistance coefficient cx is 0.06 while the new porshe has 0.28. There are luggage compartments front and rear, seats are adjustable as well as lights, have: heating, cooling and massage, and in front a drink rack, a USB charger and a three-way display with internet access and an application that displays the details of the route. The travel ticket from Minsk to Moscow will cost $ 30, and those 700 km driving will take 1.5 hours, because there is no delay.



The wheels allows development of such speeds, because that are electric motors with brakes, and there is no clutch transmission. The rails have a steel head, the body is filled with a mixture of rubber and concrete, there are 280 rods in the center that give strength, and should last from 50 to 100 years. At the end of the route there are planned roundabouts with power supply, two solar and up to 4 wind power plants. In the city traffic stations, the entrance would be like an elevator. The inclines that the vehicles can overcome are for intercity transport 20, city 30, and freight 45%. In addition to this, the slim rail of cell phone thickness was constructed, 6 times stronger than the steel wire, for the range of 3 km.
Since the Skyway will build rails on various inaccessible terrains, they would often rent helicopters to set up pillars. As it was expensive they made their own cargo dron that goes 170 / h, carries 1250 kg, and they will sell it to others. It has places for two people, and crane with a total weight of about 3 tons.
One of the last novelties they presented is unimobile for the disabled. This is a 2-person vehicle, with a radius of 120km, which runs up to 100km / h, it is charg 10h, and allowing independent entrance with the wheelchair. So charging overnight is enough for one-day ride under load of passengers and loads up to 600 kg.
To show how this technology works in practice, Skyway has decided to create an eco-tech park, south of Minsk, where 40-km test rails are built on 35 hectares of land. The park costs 350 million dollars, has 5 test rails, among them: solid, wired and especially reinforced for freight traffic. There is also an passenger station station, the Yunitskiy Museum, and park is nicely decorated, has lake and planted fruit trees with names of investors. Over the past two years, more than 10000 people and 130 state delegations visited it, and to strengthen the brand, they are planning to create such tech parks in Canada, Slovakia, Israel, India and Indonesia to cover all continents.



Meanwhile, construction in the UAE has already begun near Dubai, where they build 25 + 60 kilometers of railroads, on the land of 750 million $, to test urban and freight transport at speeds of 150, and for the long-distance to 500km / h. This will serve as a check and if it is shown the vehicles resistant on heat and sand the Emirates are ready to invest $ 50 billion.
The first three projects worth $ 926 million have been signed in the Indian state of Jharkhand where 1000 people will work three years. Also, they will build a $ 10 million worth line in Turkey at the ski center, there is project in Mogilev in Belarus, and a especially interesting $ 30 million line will connect the Darajlama residency with the neighboring city. In addition, they negotiating projects in Brazil, Uruguay, the Philippines, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Germany, Switzerland, San Marino, in Italy about 30 of them, and $ 0.5 billion worth line for transport of lithium from the mine in Argentina. So far, they have 130 targeted projects, registered 77 patents in the world, exhibited at 16 fairs and their wire technology is adopted as a type of transport in Russia. The first commercial project to be built and completed in 2019 is the 3 km ski resort in San Bernardino, Switzerland, because it is already funded. There are also some special projects as seaports that can be built in three months and serves for freight transport. Here one ship will be loaded or unloaded in 17 hours, and there are two such projects for India. This technology can also link some smaller or artificial islands, and that is fairly cheaper than bridges. In order for other segments of life to support this transport of the future, Yunitskiy smart cities are designed. It would represent the way out of the congested industrialized centers in to the nature, since it would have quite green areas and would be connected to the city. For now, that is more intended in richer countries, so one of the $ 1.5 billion has already been sold in Abu Dhabi.
The Skyway was registered in 2014 and later formed as a three-part holding company. In order to prepare for the stock market, they were estimated at $ 400 billion in GB , but as it was too expensive to register there, they did it on the Virgin Islands. Subsequently, they issued 133 billion stocks out of which 49% will be sold, and the development was divided into 15 phases, now is under way 13. They were trying to collect funds through some intermediaries, but this did not work until they started selling in Skyway Capital, led by marketing expert Kudrašov .




So they decided to fund firm through crowdfunding, that is popular on the Internet, but it exist for a long time. The project is divided into more people and everybody participates according their capabilities and assessment. No matter how the job can looks good, it’s needed to invests only excess resources, so that it does not disturb normal life. If the project succeeds then you have multiple earnings.
Those who invested the first year had a great risk if they would even make a tech park. In 2016, one could see a unibike and the first track in the park, then there were catalogs, fairs. Now construction has begun, but many people have not heard of Skyway yet. Initially, the discount was over 100, so it was shrinking and now it amounts from 30, but at the getting out on the stock exchange each share will be worth $ 1. Today, that they have a finished product, and the risk is only expressed by time. They will get out on the stock market in the London and Tokio in two years, when it suits them, probably with their built projects.
Skyway started with the introduction its SWT, cryptocurrency which will serve to pay for travel tickets.They will issue one billion tokens to financing the installation of solar power plants, SkyWay cargo transport and infrastructure complexes. Company fund targeted projects in the amount 20% of worth, by tokens with a high standard of security. Skyway in each project has at least 15% stake, and therefore the goal is to have as many of its own projects as it will then pay higher dividends. You can find more about their cryptocurrency on a special website:
To participate in the skyway project as small investors we need to register through a referral link to Skyway Capital, while large investors directly negotiate with the company’s management. Skyway is not mlm, than construction company, and has recently signed contract with Skyway Capital that will work for them for ten years in target projects. It turned out, the best is pay-per-action advertising, so getting a direct recommendation is 15%. Before that, you need to sign in to the cabinet as a partner. For those who want to further spread information about this business, there are 6 degrees of careers. The fee is reduced in depth, but it can calculated up to the 24th level, and good news is that it’s not time limited. Of course, this is not mandatory, because you can be just an investor, from $ 15 to more. When registering a new member, personal information: name, surname, phone, mail and password should be entered within 5 minutes for the referral link to be valid, because after that link has been transferred to Skyway. Also you need make a verification, by submitting a personal document, as it is allowed to have only one account. In the back office you can choose a variety of stock packages, and payment in installments is enabled too. They always send sms a couple of days before, and mail so they would not forget to pay. The current discount is 30-75, in the last phase it will be 20. After repayment of each package of stocks the company issues an online certificate with the name of the owner, and a paper version can be ordered at a cost of $ 10. They also offer redemption within three years customers who are not satisfied.



Skyway has decided to pay dividends on stocks in the amount of 20% of net profit, once a year. Since the project should be successful, because there is no real competition, it is to be expected that stock price will rise. Although shareholders will be able to sell share over the broker whenever they want, I think it would be better to wait a bit because it is estimated that the value could be $ 3-7 in the first year. Whoever bought shares of Aple, Facebook, or Alibaba at the price of several cents, today he would become rich, so for comparison the $ 1000 Skyway package could earn over $ 300,000.
I hope you have noticed the potential of this company that currently employs more than 600 people, mostly engineers and project engineers working in Minsk, while Slovakia plans to build a $ 150 million serial production factory. The value of the company and the stock will grow as more targeted projects are being agreed everywhere in the world. After the 15th phase, the partnership program will be transferred to these projects, allowing those who want to continue working to ensure long-term business.
So decide for yourself whether you want to be just an investor, or a promoter, and you can even start making money without the initial stake. This is not very useful in the job presentation, because it gives the impression that you do not trust the company, but you may encounter someone who immediately recognized the opportunity and invested, so you can buy stock after you’ve earned 15% of sales. Anyone who has a doubt can further explore and monitor the development of the project through published material and Skyway official pages.
You can sign in for free on the link below with the note that Skyway is not registered for the sale of shares, and does not sell shares. The company sells its stakes in the project through a crowdfunding campaign. These stocks will become shares after get out on the stock market within 2-3 years, after that is offered redemption of shares to dissatisfied buyers, or you can trade on a stock market through a broker.



Revision of 03.03.2019:
We are now in the 14th stage and discounts are little smaller, for example, the cheaper Start package has a discount of 28 instead of 30, but I think it is still a good investment. You can look at the bottom picture and evaluate is it useful to invest some money here. Return to this site in 2-3 years to see if you’ve made a good decision.



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