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$ 100 in 5 minutes or scam earning

Fast and easy earnings always smells like scam. So is this time, when I earned $ 100 for 5 minutes. In the fb group I opened an ad link, because the domain name was in my language, and found an unusual offer. The proanketa.com site rewards members to read news. After the expiration of ten seconds of reading you need to resolve the captcha and then you get $ 7 in the account. There are about 15 news items per day so you can earn over $ 100. This I managed to accomplish in 5 minutes, with registration, as news is actually a sentence.



For each of the included referrals they pay $ 50, and another 15% of their earnings, and have a special offer for WhatsApp. There are three status accounts: beginer, active with 30% and professional with 50% higher earnings. To make the experience complete, they could also offered free seaside holidays. I don’t no what this is all about except collecting email addresses. The withdrawal threshold is $ 990, that can be achieved in few days, and then it could be estimated lifetime as today is the second day of work. If someone wants to experience the feeling of easy earning money, though it will not get it, that he can register below.



The next page that rewards you richly, even if you are not a member because no registration, is onfaucet.com. A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a web site or app that shares rewards in satoshi (1 BTC = 100 000 000 satoshi), to visitors for completing a captcha or task described by the website. This one gives 500 satoshi every 15 minutes for free membership after enter the address to receive bitcoins. No registration required meaning that it does not collect emails, but has upgrades to receive more coins. So for the deposit of 0.0006 BTC you get 10000 satoshi and 35% from referrals, for 0.05 BTC gives 3100 coins and 45%, and for 0.09 BTC it is 75% and 6000 satoshi in the same period. From these deposits, they can pay free members, when they reach the payout threshold of 0.002 BTC, and then it would be a nice ponzi scheme. If someone did the requirements, all 24 hours, he could collect enough for 5 days, but there’s another problem, except he would not sleep. I noticed that payment statistics numbers are not complete, and are manually entered in the table. This column is always the same, and only are changed the dates in the second, so it is obviously a false information. Who wants to check if they really paying here, can try it, on this link.



Otherwise, the Terms of User are quite seriously written to leave the impression of a serious job, or protect themselves from the lawsuit. In the pictures you can see transaction numbers that are always the same.






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