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InFace Invest Group – SFT21 presentation

InFace Invest Group is owned by Zoran Lazarević from Serbia and Mladen Peic from Croatia. The company is registered in Seychelles as ofshore LTD to be exempt from tax, which allows it to return 79% of revenue to its members. It consists of a programmer’s part called Semper Fidelis Team and InFace Universitas which represents the internet business school.
Facebook as the most powerful social network, earns $ 15 billion a year, but members do not get anything. The SF team wants to create an online social business community that will consist of: SFT21 franchise, SFToYou social network, SFWS webshop, and SF blockchain with cryptocurrency. Members in SFToYou will be paid for actions, like clicks, but the main earnings will be through the SFT21 franchise.
InFace Invest Group is the first company on the Internet starts to create an online community through a franchise business model. Members will be provided with a complete business system: their own online business space, networking software and profit distribution, training know-how and automated business mode. System features are: low initial investment, ease of use, and as the most important guarantee of 90 days for 100% money refund. After that period, you will be given ten days to decide whether you will sign a franchise contract or give up, in which case you will not be able to re-register for the next 180 days.



You can choose to start one of three options: $ 10, $ 30, or $ 105. $ 10 is the value of the activation code that you can buy or get by recommendation to test how the system works. In that case you have the obligation to buy a $ 20 starting package in the first 30 days, which is monthly membership fee, or they return $ 10. If you choose $ 30, after 30 days you need to pay a $ 25 fee for the second month and after 60 days next $ 50 for the third, or your money will be returned. By purchasing a $ 100 startup package you have immediately paid a quarterly membership fee and you are entitled to 30% of the Recommendation bonus, which is 10% in the first two options. In order to gain the right to sign a franchise agreement in the first ninety days, apart from paying the membership fee, you need to enroll at least one member, and make an account verification by personal documents.



The member networking model is a binary matrix, but unlike other systems this one does not fill left and right side than the system places member on the first free space. Your goal is to fill in the first 10 lines below you with 2046 members to get 5% Friendship bonuses, no matter who is enrolled them. The second bonus, known as the Recommendation bonus, comes from the earnings of the members you directly included and grows from 10 to 50% depending on the number of paid installment of franchise.
In the first month, it is recommended to use friendly links. These are the two $ 10 activation codes that allow the invited member to start their business as if they had bought them. Initial earnings are small but the goal is to create a stable structure that will make money in the long time, as a consequence of business. If you didn’t pay installment in the first few months, but you have earnings, it will be charged when you accumulate enough funds in your account. The system is designed so that it is enough to register two members for a perfect business growth. If you decide to sign a franchise agreement after 90 days, and you have met the terms, you can print, sign, scan it and return to the company. Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with the program, the amount you paid will be returned to you within a few days.
To show how the system works, let’s do the budget under the condition that everyone has 3 members in the first month, and after no one, and everyone pay 30 $. You would have made the next profit:
1st month – 4.65 $, 2nd – 21.10, 3rd – 80.70, 4th – 277.45, 5th – 988.75, 6th – 2993.50, 7th – 7771.50,
Total earnings in the first 7 months would be $ -12233.20
$ 1955 was paid for the franchise fee, so it remains $ 10278
Average monthly earnings would be $ 1468



Do you believe that you are able to find three members and pay $ 100 to promote the best business concept on the internet?

In the first three months, we have built the foundation for our business and provided constant monthly income. After the seventh month instead of the entry fee, your Royalty fee are paid in the amount of 21% of your earning, what is $ 1632. Of this, the company pays $ 1,000 to upgrade your account. With the remaining $ 632, a system account is opened to fill the first free place in the main company matrix. This account has the effect of entering a new member with the difference that money is not paid out of the system, than is used to open new system accounts. In the following months earnings could be look like this:
8th – 13647.50, 9th – 23916.75, 10th – 47513.50, 11th – 89831, 12th – 161437, 13th – 23 1900, 14th – 255750 .
After the last entry fee each account has a fixed monthly $ 1000 Royalty fee that is paid exclusively from earnings. As long as the system accounts are filled, monthly fees are disbursed and new accounts are opened with that money, which ensures self-sustainability of the system. In the 13th month you would have a 2046 * 50 = $ 102300 maximum Friendship bonus, and there would be opened a total of 85 system accounts in the 14th month. After filling in 7 lines below you, the next direct members do not go in the eighth, but activate the SFT7Up mechanism by filling the first empty place in the company matrix. There is also a SFT21VIP mechanism that fills the places in the company matrix after you have enrolled 21 members. These mechanisms serve to evenly fill the company matrix.
There are 8 career statuses: to be Silver and earn up to $ 10,000 a month you need to have 3 direct members, to earn up to $ 20000 you need to have 7 and then you are Gold. To get Platinum status and earning up to $ 50000 you need 14 direct members, while Emerald and $ 75,000 requires 21 members. To became a Diamond with a $ 100,000 profit you need to have 21 direct, and all they need to have 3 direct, Blue Diamond gets $ 150,000 and your 21 direct must have 7 own direct, and as Pink Diamond your 21 direct should have 14 direct and then you will be able to get $ 300,000. The highest status is SFT diamond with 21 * 21 direct, limited to $ 1000000. So, the earnings we have shown in the simulation can only be realized with the condition that you have specific statuses.



As we have seen, InFace Invest Group has reason to argue that the business concept SFT21 is the strongest, easiest and safest business ever on the Internet. Information about this business is expanding rapidly as it represents a quality solution and offers the possibility of stable and long-term business. Who did not understand it right now, he can look at the full presentation in the fb group InFace Invest Group USA & GB on the bottom link, as well as continue to monitor expanding of job.



Who has already recognized the opportunity, here is a direct login link where is enabled to try this risk-free program.




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