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How to recognize a scam

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We’ll start with one question, suppose I want to learn you how to find good investment programs: how will you know that I advise you properly, and not just ask you to invest money as my referrals. Do you know why this is important? Because of the fact that I’m going to invest in the programs I think are good, and then it’s normal for you to be my refer, so that I would benefit from your learning. First I will give you instructions for program analysis, then analyze two, one good and one bad, as an example. In the end we will choose six programs: two I invested in because I think they are good, two good but without my investment, and two bad. I will not analyze, or tell what is what, but I will leave you to do it. One who has confidence in my assessment, and if don’t want to do the analysis, can contact me to tell him what I recommend. One who wants to do his own analysis can also contact me afterwards to confirm my opinion or to oppose it. Finally, the one who thinks my opinion is not necessary does not need to contact me because he knows it. No matter which group you fall into, you should know that you make the decision at your own risk. Also, you are always investing only the resources that you can lose without the tougher consequences for your life, because every job is a risk, and if there was a universal solution for its selection then everyone would be rich.
Real business is generally more precious than scam, but you will not lose on every scam, nor earn on each real business. It could be said that the level of earnings corresponds to the risk, provided you have correctly assessed it. The risk of some deals is like bookmaker, but there you know your chances at that point, and very quickly result of the investment to. Contrary to this, here you have the ability to repay part of the stake, if you are paid before the end of the investment period, but you lose the time waiting for the final score. An additional advantage of investment business is that you have the opportunity to significantly increase earnings through referrals program. This is even the main source of earnings for someone, and these are mostly those who knowingly spread the scams to push people to invest. Others who are not sure, or have subsequently realized that they have invested in scam, will not do it, but will hope they will at least succeed in returning their stake. But most often it is too late for that, and therefore it is best for fair investors to avoid so risky jobs. Let’s just look at how to detect them.
When you have a program that offers investment income, the first thing you need to look, and the last thing you need to decide is whether it is a viable earnings. There is not a striking amount here that I could quote, but 1% daily or 30% a month is pretty good earning. 2% per day gives over 50% a month, and it is alredy hard to reach in real deal. This can be done on the stock exchanges, but then the question is why someone would give it to you. So if they give above 2% per day you can consider it a scam when deciding on your investment risk. You also need to pay attention to your referral income. Here is something harder to make a conclusion, because the scam can have 10% and the real job 30%, as the total commission, so the case should be seen in the wider context.
All fake investment jobs or ponzie schemes, which do not have real earnings but are paid off by paying new members, has presented some more or less revolutionary earnings method in the background. These are the most common investments in cryptocurrencies, real estate, various derivatives on stock exchanges. Sometimes it is supposedly realized by special computer programs, robots or bots, which perform arbitration in trading use artificial intelligence, or predicted a course by weather forecast satellites. Then it can be software which store data in users computer, cloud mining, recycling waste to save the planet, or something similar. If these programs are well designed and prepared, they are pretty convincing, even for people who know something about it. Selling cryptocurrencies through ICO is usually a more realistic thing, but all of those has a bigger drop after apearing on the exchange, because most of them are bought to fast sell. The next thing to look at is what earnings are based on. If you are possibly the expert, and you know that this can not work, great, but most will know a little about it. Mostly, these pages do not provide any evidence of the business they allegedly deal with because they do not even have them. It is enough for someone, others try to present evidence that is forgeries, or proving something different, and the third one are camouflaged with enhanced advertising or statements of satisfied users. For this purpose, they can show office of firms, conversations with members of the management, or the production lines with workers. This means that all what you see is not good enough evidence to invest money. This is quite logical because a fake companies has an additional need to convince people to they do a real job. On the other hand, real-world companies pay more attention to explaining their business, through white paper, and that is minutely written in pdf format on a special link, or on the page itself. Scams are mostly based on general things, through color presentations, with a major emphasis on earnings, and sometimes they add special rewards for the most successful in building a network. Such rewards are profitable because it amounts 10% of sales.
Using some experience you can guess what is the scam if it is based on other similar programs you’ve met before. Such pages typically include: announcement of job in title and on home page, job description in a few sentences, investment offerings through packages, sometimes with calculator of earning, some customer testimonials, answers to frequently asked questions to make it easier to invest, short terms of use. Recently, they often have live support on the site and links to social media communities. This gives to scams the impression they are convincing, and those groups are disabled when they stop paying. They also often provide evidence of a London company registration, which can be made for a few bucks, and at a virtual address.
You need to pay attention in technical carakterictics of the page, what can speed up the conclusion about its purpose. If references are provided by images instead of links, if the links lead to general pages or are empty, if the image of the alleged evidence is unclear or the employees are shown as people downloaded from the internet with fictitious names, if instead of the details of the business they are dealing with they give general information, if you alredy have problems during registration and similar things.
Once we get the first impression about the page, we going to look at how others evaluate it, and for that purpose we will visit scamadviser.com. This site collects domain information, including alexa’s position of popularity and then gives it confidence in percentages. Let the average page without positive and negative reactions get an initial score of about 50% , and when that condition lasts for 3 years, it is approximately 100%. Additional positive things affect early approaching a high percentage of confidence, and negative effects on approaching 0. You should be cautious if hight confidence is riched in a short time because it may be made targeted.
If you immediately suspect that it is an hyip, which are long-term unsustainable, you can go to page allhyipmonitors.com to check if it listed. If it is included there is a confirmation of your opinion, and if it is not, it does not mean that it is not hyip. Depending on the visibility of a some monitor, you can find out the most important details about the program you are researching: the amounts and times of the investment offers, launch time, referral bonuses, payment processors, and withdrawal methods. According to time of the last payment, programs get statuses: pay, problem, and no pay. The status can be changed at any time without any indication, and then it is usually too late for the investor, because the remaining money is lost. If you still decide to invest here I do not recommend a larger amount, because the organizer of the hyip will probably pay more small investors before than to some big one.
If you do not want to risky investments, and you have not immediately determined is it a hyip, further checks are required. For this purpose, it is best to look for someone’s review, or comment of the program users. If you enter the program name in google and the word “review” , among the results you will most often get an overview of someone members of the wealthyaffiliate.com site. It is a long-standing platform that offers hosting to the members and advises how to make good analyzes for online profit. Also, you can get or search comments on forums, such as warriorforum.com of marketing, bitcointalk.org of cryptocurrencies, or one mixed like beermoneyforum.com. Here, you need to be careful because many members are advertising their business, and they are not objective. As a last resort, I would recommend a site behindmlm.com that gives a deeper analysis of various scams and mostly does it correctly.
When we look at everything, we need to decide whether to pay or not to invest. While this helps with the decision, it should be said that no status on the proposed pages does guarantee that some program is safe or not, because you need to see the complete picture and make a conclusion. It is best to keep the rules that all is a scam until you prove the opposite.
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