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Good and bad investments

After the tutorial in the last post, here we will rate one good and one bad program.
A good one means that it is realistic and not scam and that we expect a profit, although we can never be sure of it. Skyway is an example of such a company, it is an innovative technology for transporting goods and passengers above the earth. The idea was designed by Russian traffic engineer Anatoly Eduardović Junitskij, the real person. As he could not get the funds in any other way, he started a crowdfunding campaign through Skyway Capital, led by Evgeny Kudryashov. Initially there were only a few sketches so it was difficult to conclude that the job could be realistic. After collecting some funds, they made the first vehicle and presented it at the Berlin Inotrans Fair. When it became clear that a company had product, it was necessary to determine whether SkywayCapital was working for them or just was a false represent so that it would deceive investors. Their co-operation was confirmed after the Eco Fest, where every year they show new production from their techno park near Minsk. So far there had over 10 types of vehicles at several fairs, the construction of a testing center near Dubai, and there are about 130 projects under preparation, but some are still trying to show it as a scam, what you can read here. According to this, the last who has fallen on that scam was Steven Seagal you can see in the park.



Earnings in this program are possible through shares which are sold in 15 phases, with discount ranging from 100, two years ago to the present 30, and each share will worth $ 1 when it comes out on the stock market. Another way is by working on a network where you get a 15% direct recommendation, and there are more levels and 6 degrees of careers. It is also an advantage that you can start your business without your own investment, and then earn high monthly income. More detailed job description can be found here.
An example of a bad program is at antminersmining.com which is at first glance worse than other hyips of this kind. They have three words in the description, so they say: that’s all you need to know about mining. The site is called antminer, what is the mining software, but when you clicks on the name gets an explanation that it is trading, what are two different things. It seems that this is not clear even to the site’s own orderer because such scripts can be relatively cheap to buy, even I found one free. To this page you can not be accessed from the main menu but this is not a big deal. First they repeat one sentence for four different characteristics. Then they rewrite the data from the coinmarcetcap stock exchange review, that represent the statistics of all the currency exchanges. They showed four pictures of people with well-known names, the first being a singer, but not the one shown, and the pictures were downloaded somewhere from the internet. They probably noticed that this was to naively so later it disappeared. At the bottom they provide links to social networks, but to their home pages, except of the instagram where the page does not exist, while google + canceled last year. Links to partners are similar: two goes to dangerous sites, one shows their page that I wrote above, then a sales image service and a consulting company that has nothing to do with it. They say they was a registered company, what usually does not mean a lot, because in London firms register for a few bucks, and you can look at it, but there is no picture. Also a $ 10 fee is too large to pay for your referrals unless you intend to do so.
I left the bid like dessert. When someone gives you 10% per day you can immediately search for a new page. How will someone earn 10% a day and why would give that to you? The scamadviser shows that the domain has 2 months. Hyips with such return last up to a month, but some are prolonged if has good reinvestment. It is not known when this started because it does not provide statistics, but it looks not long if there is no in allhyipmonitor base. They want quickly take the money from those who fall on fraud.
In the end, as I announced in the previous post, I list six programs: the two where I invested because I think they are good, two good but without my investment, and two bad . You can analyze it yourself, it is written in alphabetical order:
cloudtokenwallet.com, diversity-fund.biz, elitefinfx.com, hashing24.com, inclusiveforex.com, mypassivetrades.com.

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