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Read this review of the Efx2.0 program to find out if it’s scam and whether it’s worth the investment. If you have a business you want to check out, send it to me for analysis via the link below:



Efx2.io is a continuation of the story from elitefinfx.com. A few months ago they had a prelaunch campaign and present site as a new trading platform. They offered $ 20 of enrollment, $ 200 of 10 referrals and $ 1000 of the top 20 referrals, and so enrolled about 180,000 members. Withdrawal of these bonuses required a higher payment amount , what is a common requirement. After launch, it became clear you do not need own trading here, because they do it for you. As a proof, they set up screenshots of some unspecified trading transactions, and unusable information to access their account. In the meantime, they have averaged about 1% daily earnings to the member accounts. I have often received e-mails about enroll referrals with a total commission of 15% in 15 rows of depth.
I don’t know their business progress, because I didn’t invest here, but a new option has recently emerged – prelounch of the cryptocurrency Efx token. The description contains common phrases about trading on Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and other financial markets. The sentences are complex to sound clever and incomprehensible to beginners, but the whole content is pointless. Except “about”, the site has FAQ, and counters of prelounch times and refunds up to 300%, and an sign up page that leads to the cabinet. It has the same design as the previous dashboard, but showing slightly higher earnings, about 1.5% per day. The token related menu items are under construction and the marketing tool contains emai templates and a pdf presentation. In the introduction they say: “EFX Token will be world’s first crypto token combining traditional forex markets with fast growing crypto markets”.
They offer 4 Efx basic packages:
100, 250, 500 and 1000 dollars with a direct bonus of 5%, binary bonus 8% and ROI up to 10% / month,
3 Efx Robot packages of 2500, 5000 and 10,000 dollars with a direct bonus of 6%, binary 9% and ROI up to 12%, and
Efx AI packages of 25,000 , 50,000 and 100,000 dollars with a direct 7%, binary 10% and ROI up to 15%.
By monthly return of 15% and a referral bonus, they state the possibility of earning up to 300% annually. There are 10 career stages in the network, and after 6th level they share the Luxury bonus through rewards. So $ 10 million in traffic is rewarded with a BMW 8. At the bottom of the presentation, they put up a short TERMS AND CONDITION that I copy:

Minimum Withdraw Amount is $50.
Withdrawal Request Fees Is 3 % If Done On A Monthly Basis , 10 % If Done On A Weekly Basis And
15 % If Done On A Daily Basis.
Withdrawals will be processed Monday to Friday and will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to be
All Payouts ( ROI Income + Direct Sale Commissions , Team Building Commissions And Unilevel
Commissions ) Will be paid out in EFX coin.
EFX Coin has instant liquidity to USD which you can withdraw.
Price of EFX coin is not fixed and can change based on market conditions , funds in trading pool
available supply and number of people selling the coin daily.
Daily Passive Profits Are Paid 24 Hours After The package Purchase Monday To Friday.
Daily Binary Income Limit = Your Highest Package Amount ( So If Your Highest Active Package Is
$5000 , You Can Earn Then Upto $5000 In Daily Binary Income )
Every time Your Total Income reaches 300 % of your investment , You need to purchase a new
package for income to continue.
Their is no way to purchase EFX Token : We Are Not An ICO…Everyone needs to earn EFX Token By Investing In Passive Income Forex Packs And By Team Building.
Starting Price Per EFX Token Is 0.10 USD and total supply is 220 million.

Is this program hyip? Compared to classic hyips that offer a return of a few percent a day, this is not. Earning 15% a month is possible on the crypto market, though maybe not every month.
Is this a ponzi program? Considering they pay all earnings in tokens, it is not. They have 220 million tokens worth $ 22 million at a set price of $ 0.1. It is likely that this price will be hold the first 6 months when the tokens are locked.
Is this program safe to invest? The answer is no again. The problem is because the price of the tokens (when, or if it goes out on the exchange ) will drop sharply because everyone will want to sell it.
The second problem is that they don’t do any trading so they don’t have earnings that would support the value of the token.
The third problem is centralized cryptocurrency, so owners decide when they will, and if they will pay by tokens. But they will pay it out as long as it’s their benefit if they have a profit.
The last and biggest problem is because this was not created with the aim of developing as long-term business but in order to make money from uninformed. No matter when it ends, bitcoins will be left to the owners and worthless tokens to investors.
However, although this is a scam, you will not lose anything if you register. You will receive $ 20 into your account and you can build the network without your own stake. If you withdraw on time, while the token has some value, you can still benefit from this.




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