Amfeix earnings – 80% members, 10% fund, 10% referrals

Is Amfeix fund real business or just another ponzi scam? In this fund, several anonymous traders trade on the Bitmex stock exchange using member funds. On their platform you can see the daily earnings, and the total, since the beginning of the year. They publish monthly earnings each month, with an average of 18% currently.



You need to know that you are not guaranteed a gain in this fund. If the traders make a loss they do not charge anything, but the fund takes 20% of profit. Since referrals are paid with half of this amount, or 10%, this cannot be a ponzi scheme. The advantages of this business are the following:
– so far they have made a profit every month
– you have passive earnings because they trade for you
– shows the fund’s balance and daily, total, and monthly earnings on the page
– you can withdraw funds every day because it is not locked,
– you do not need to have your own stake to receive a referral bonus.

The downside is their anonymity, and the reason for this may be because they have not fully regulated their status. This requires additional costs, and also the company changed its name to Amfeix in March. Specifically, a new company called “axb finance” has emerged, using the domain name axbfinance. com, while theirs was “axb financial” with Another firm is engaged in suspicious cloud mining and has begun to get customers on their behalf. In order not to create confusion with potential clients and because of the damage that could occur if another company fails, they decided to change their name.
Here is an explanation how the fund trades, and one account screenshot below.
“AMFEIX manages investment assets through numerous positions, in a long and short strategy. Through a short-term trading table strategy, we have set aside 54.5% of our portfolio, where AMFEIX will conduct regular trading in a large number of cryptocurrency to fiat and cryptocurrency pairings. ”



From the tekst above it is evident the Amfeix fund was not created to owners quickly raise money and disappear. There is no guaranteed profit but it depends on the results achieved as in any business. That is why you invest at your own risk and no one guarantees your stake security. You can see the last trading results from telegram group.



The Amfeix fund made a good enough impression to me, so I made initial minimum investment of 0.021 BTC. If you would like to receive 80% of this fund’s profit from your own deposit, or 10% of your referral earnings, you can register at the link below.



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