Dcnx-connect earns to you 3 cryptocurrencies

Dcnx-connect is a relatively new ppc site with interesting way of rewarding. They pay you to watch ads with three cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH and DCNX. The Doncoin token is a means of payment between entrepreneurs and marketers on a platform that connects them. Business is conducted on hirefreelancerz.com but their relationship is unclear.
Dcnx-connect enables advertising through ad slots and communication among members. You will get 1 advertising spot after you have joined, but this is for a limited time. Watching 10 ads daily (in 24 hours) is required in order to qualify for the next day’s earnings. You can purchase more ad spots to increase your daily earnings: max. 90 in BTC and ETH and 20 in DCNX. Each Ad Spot costs $ 1 and will last for 365 days. Here is their explanation of how the system works.
“Our community gives back to its contributors by sharing 60% of the amount each member contributes. For example, let’s say John buys 50 Ads spots for $ 50. Of that amount, 10% ($ 5) is used to pay system costs, 30% ($ 15) is paid to the sponsor (the person who invited John) and 60% ($ 30) goes back to the community. The amount each member of the community receives will depend on how many Ads spots they have. If at some point there is a total of 500 Ads spots in our community and a member purchases $ 100 (100 Ads spots), $ 60 will be sent back to the community and each spot will earn $ 0.12. If you have 100 spots you will earn a total of $ 12 in this specific scenario. Keep in mind that when purchases are made with DCNX, 50% of the purchase amount will be shared back in DCNX and 10% will be shared back among all ETH and BTC Ads Spots. When purchases are made in ETH or BTC, 60% of the purchase amount will be shared back evenly (20% each) among BTC, ETH and DCNX Ads Spots. ”



You can place an ad like this on every ad spot you buy. The ads open in a new window and last for 15 seconds. The image should be 250×210 in order to be displayed properly.
From the example above, you can calculate that your daily return decreases if there are multiple ads spot purchased. I bought 50 of them and currently the return on the deposit (according to earnings) is about 35 days. So if you plan to make money with this site, register on time via the link below.




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