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MyBitcoinTube is a 3 month old site that allows you to make money by watching videos. Although at first it looked like a scam program because it pays up to $ 210 per video, after watching the video tutorial I decided to register. This big profit is for the members who invest the most, while for the free ones it is quite low, which could be sustainable, so I wanted to check it out. The account verification mail contained the following instructions.

“Accumulate Bonus Video Points to receive paid video ads. The more BVP you have, the higher value vido ads you will get! Paid Video ads will be delivered to your account daily until all your BVP has been consumed. The primary way to do that is by viewing your daily BVP video ads: Bonus Videos, but it can also be purchased
Instant deposits and cashouts. The minimum cashout amount is $5.00
Buy advertising packs. For every $1.00 spent, you will get 100 views to your youtube video, 50 clicks to your banner and 2700 BVP. That will deliver $1.35 in Bitcoin worth of paid video ads to your account ASAP.
Upgrade your account to Premium, to gain priority receiving the 10x 1% super video ads that are created each time a new video campaign is purchased.
Each day, we sum up all the available funds from recent video ad purchases, and then we allocate that money between our users according to how much BVP they have. This system aims to reward proven valuable users as much as possible, to try and encourage more valuable users to use MyBitcoinTube, that our advertisers are really interested in paying to communicating with.
Paid videos that you receive in your account can reach up to $210 depending on the level you are in.
0- 0 to 1600 BVP (0%)
1- 1600 to 12000 BVP ( 1.8% of total funds shared with members in this group )
2- 12000 to 24000 BVP ( 2.7% of total funds shared with members in this group )
3- 24k to 48k BVP ( 3.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )
4- 48k to 96k BVP ( 6.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )
5- 96k to 180k BVP ( 8.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )
6- 180k to 360k BVP ( 11.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )
7- 360k to 1m BVP ( 13.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )
8- 1m to 5m BVP ( 14.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )
9- 5m to 15m BVP ( 16.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )
10- Over 8,000,000 BVP ( 23.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )
Participate in our weekly lottery draw and win big prizes! Receive free lottery tickets for each video you watch.
-Receive 1 ticket for each video you watch.
-1 ticket for each video your referrals watch.
-Receive 2x tickets during your premium membership.
Having more tickets increases your chance of winning a prize and your odds of winning a bigger prize!
Account upgrades and addons that can help you improve your daily earnings are also available in your account after registration.”

So, from the points table you can see how much you need to invest to get into a particular profit sharing group. On the earnings page you can track the daily distribution by members:



If points were not deducted, you would quickly return the stake. But you’ll need to buy points to stay in the same group. Now it’s too early to conclude how profitable this program is because I don’t know how many points will be deducted per video, how many members will buy packages, how much they will invest, and the like this. I’ll start with a smaller stake of $ 5, so I’ll keep track of my earnings and write reviews.
You can register for free at the link below to collect the points you need to start earning money.



Revision of 08.10.2019:
The amount of points deducted is not defined, but in the third group it was 100 per video, and in the other 20. The earnings per member is not fixed in a particular group, but it is obtained by dividing the percentage of earnings in that group by the number of members in the group. Therefore, for example the ratio for the first and second groups one day was 1: 4 and the next day 1: 5. The subtracted BVP points corresponded to this ratio, but I do not know if this is always the rule. After earning $ 1.2 or 24% in the first three days of watching the video, in the first three days, I fell from 2nd to 1st group with the lowest earnings. Currently it would take me about 40 days to pay back the stake. If BVP points continue to be deducted this way, it takes about 55 days to reach the 0th group with no earnings. This means that in a 15 day difference, I would earn about $ 1.5. Finally on this budget, when we return the stake, we come to an average earnings of 30% in two months. Of course, with possible discrepancies it is also necessary to see if the site will continue to make payments.



Revision of 25.11.2019:
This program looks better every day. The owner has a facebook profile and communicates culturally with members through the group. He wrote a news announcement yesterday about a problem that happened three days ago. The site was down for a few hours due to the move to the new server, but all the data was saved. For the apology today, each member has been awarded by double number of paid ads and 3 days of free premium membership. More than 70,000 members have registered so far, and more than $ 300,000 has been paid. All groups of paid members increased, and kept the same payments according to the table due to investment. Only in groups 9 and 10 the daily payments are reduced because deposits over $ 1000 are required there. But there is also a good profit, as you can see in the picture below where is earnings over $ 1200 in less than 2 months.



You can see the payout proofs in many videos on Youtube, for example here:




As you can see, this program is for everyone because it allows membership of your choice: from free, to paid in thousands of dollars. Of course, profit is shared according to the stake, what you can check after registering on the link below.

Revision of 19.12.2019:
The site was under maintenance for a few days, it’s upgraded to version 2. Now the minimum package is $ 50 for 5000, views and no BVP points. Members’ earnings was deleted, and you can use your unpaid deposits to buy new packages. I’am not complaining about losing $ 10 because I spent it on advertising.




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