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In addition to long-term earning pages like hashingadspace, there are short-term ppc sites like myaddsup, myadsfactory or profit-industry.
Myaddsup.com quickly gained popularity because you can earn up to 154% by watching 10 ads for 10 seconds each day. My Adds Up is made up of 13 groups each with a set number of points in it and an increasing earnings value. Group 1 will earn you $ 0.12 per day, group 13 will earn you $ 726 a day, both up to 154% profit. Each Ad Pack earns you 3080 and every day points are deducted. The number of points deducted is calculated by the daily earnings value divided by 0.0005. Myaddsup deducts 100 Bonus Ad Points per day to cover maintenance. This table shows the guaranteed earnings:


So, you need to be in group 4 to get your earnings after reinvestment. Before you can start earning with Myaddsup you must deposit some funds into your account, that is buy at least one ad pack. Then you receive 5 bonus ads every day, each bonus ad you click on gets you 50 points. Once you have more than 1600 Points you are entitled to receive paying ad views. Each ad pack costs just $ 1.00 and you can purchase as many ad packs as you wish. You will receive 100 Website views for each ad pack you purchase. Earnings are dependent on you clicking the required number of ads per day, failure to click the ads will result in loss of earnings for that day.
The referrals program offers 10% commission on all purchases made by your referrals, and 5% on all referrals earnings. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5.00, the maximum daily withdrawal limit is $ 5000 and there is a 3% withdrawal fee that is deducted from your withdrawal amount. Register at Myaddsup.com:

Revision of 10.12.2019:

There are withdrawal problems here, unlike the bottom two sites.



Everything is simple on Profit-industry.net page. There are three advertising packages:
STARTER – 10$, ROI -120% or 4% per day for Banners 125×125,
STANDART – 20$, ROI -140% or 4.66% per day for Banners 125×125 and 468×60,
BUSINESS – 30$, ROI – 160% or 5.33% per day for Banners 125×125, 468×60 and 728×90.
Each advertising package ends in 30 days, by which time you have already received definite return on investment. You receive a daily charge that is immediately available for withdrawal, but you need to round up the payout without cents. They offer these referral commissions:
1 level – 5%, 2 and 3 Level – 2%, 4 level – 1%.
You not need to purchase packages to earn with the partnership program. The procedure is as follows: pay the selected package, upload your ads, look at ads every day, withdraw earnings above $ 5 but without cents. The payment processors are Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Register at Profit-industry.net:

Revision of 10.01.2020:

It’s not just you, profit-industry.net is down.



Myadsfactory.com is a page of similar design and conditions, with these packages:
MINI – $ 3, ROI 120% or 4% per day for 125×125 Banners
STANDART – $ 7, ROI 130% or 4.33% per day for 468×60 Banners
EXCLUSIV – $ 15, ROI 150% or 5% per day for Banners 125×125 and 468×60.
The advantage of this program is that when you buy 4 EXCLUSIV packages, like me, then you can buy one MINI package every day from profit. So you can increase your stake and therefore your total earnings by compounding. Recall what Einstein said about this:


So far, the site has about 9,000 members and the average payout per member is over $ 10. We can hope that the number of members will continue to grow fast so that the owners’ earnings do not fall. Also reinvesting can extend the life of this site. However, anyone who intends to invest here should do so as soon as possible, what is enabled at the link below. Register at Myadsfactory.com:

Revision of 30.12.2019:
After I returned deposit and earned $ 10, the site does not pay out for 10 days.




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