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Is mind.capital your last online earning business ?

Anyone who wants to fix own financial or time constraints online is looking for a job that will make him a long-term profit. Higher-earning jobs tend to be short-lived, but long-term jobs don’t earn enough. In such a situation, it would be best to find a long-term job which has about 1% daily interest. In addition, if it generates passive income without spending time, it seems like an ideal choice. Many have tried to present such a deal as real, but sooner or later it would appear to be a scam. Unlike such occasions where the owners were hidden or unknown, for the first time such a job is offered by a famous person under his own name. The project leads Gonzalo García-Pelayo, so let’s see what they say about themselves.

„Gonzalo García-Pelayo has been a music producer, film director, radio host, television host and is famous for having beaten the casinos in the nineties with his roulette system, the story of which has been shown in movie theaters with the movie «The Pelayos». He has also written several books on betting, «The fabulous story of Los Pelayos», «Learn to play poker with Los Pelayos» y «Bet to win». In 2006 he opened his school to win at online poker «Los Pelayos Poker» and shortly after, revolutionized the world of sports betting. Now, he has turned all his experience to find a way to earn money with crypto-assets.
Except him, there is an international team of experts in mathematics. The technology developed by mind.capital allows us to study the evolution of the main crypto-assets and their price in different currencies and operate in the market by using advanced algorithms.
Any person, from $ 100, can participate in the profitability, experience and technology developed by mind.capital. Contributions can be made with both BTCs and credit card.
Every day, the platform distributes the profitability obtained the previous day. To cover the necessary expenses for the operation of the platform, we withdraw 35% of the profits generated, in this way daily when we make the payment of the profitability obtained, 35% is withdrawn to maintain the platform and the remaining 65% is distributed. It is important to note that mind.capital only obtains income when money is earned.
We have developed, entirely and from scratch, a platform of our own for administration. From any type of device, you can see the operations performed by the system in real-time, make new contributions, check the daily evolution of your participation, see the balance of your account, withdraw balance, …From your control panel at any time you can see in real-time how our Artificial Intelligence algorithms work finding investment opportunities and the profitability obtained in each operation performed. Depending on each moment we can operate in several crypto-assets simultaneously or in only a few or none. The value of our system is in knowing what crypto-assets, what currencies and at what time you have to buy or sell and that information, of course, we cannot make public.
You can contribute as many times as you want, and the only limit is that the minimum amount for each contribution is $ 100 and the sum of all contributions made from the same account cannot exceed $ 100,000.
You can request the return of your contribution after the investment term at the market price. The value of the participation is calculated daily depending on the time it took place, the returns obtained and the demand for new contributions. Although historically it is achieving a daily return of between 0.5 and 1.5%, we cannot guarantee a minimum return, since the profitability obtained depends on a multitude of variables. Finally, mind.capital is integrated with Blockchain, which means that the money is just one click away from each person’s wallet and therefore has to be within the system.
Returns are calculated, distributed and paid daily in dollars in the account of each investor (except weekends and holidays). Currency markets do not work on weekends, which conditions us to operate only on weekdays. Depending on the time difference of each country and the moment in which the receipt of a contribution is confirmed, the collection of daily returns can take up to two to three days maximum. In order to withdraw money it is essential to have a minimum of $ 50 accumulated in your account balance. Balance withdrawals or of a contribution are always made in Bitcoins at the exchange rate existing between the dollar and Bitcoin at the time of the operation. In order to optimize your returns and take advantage of the enormous potential of compound interest, the accounts have the option of automatically reinvesting the balance generated once the $ 100 limit is reached.Compound interest is interest that produces interest, that is, interest in each period is added to the initial capital to produce new interest.
Although the team of specialists and professionals behind mind.capital works daily to obtain the best results, crypto-assets are always high-risk markets. Whenever crypto-assets are acquired, we must be aware of all the associated risks and bear in mind that high returns always imply taking greater risks and of course if you have any doubts you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor.
All accounts opened in mind.capital have the option to configure double authentication (2FA) for account access and for withdrawals. In addition, to avoid phishing (email is sent by someone impersonating mind.capital) all communications sent from mind.capital incorporate a special phrase that the user must choose.“

There is a referral program attached in pdf, and you can get 8-2%, depending on the size of the stakes.
So, who wants to try this absolutely revolutionary, 100% transparent crypto-asset investment system of the famous mental giant Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and of his team, he can sign up on the link below. The global MindCapital launch event is in Madrid on January 11.

Revision of 21.01.2020:
A few days after launch, obviously this is another toy as there is no evidence of trading.





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