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JuicyFields – cannabis cultivation from 50 €

If you want to try legal and cheap cannabis cultivation, meet these guys.

JuicyFields is a crowdgrowing platform that connects people with medical cannabis businesses looking for financing. The goal of this project is to create a global brand for the production of medical cannabis products (vapes and oils).It’s completely legal because growing and processing partners are fully licensed to cultivate and process medical cannabis in their countries.Fill in your details, and you can check out demo plant to understand how the platform works.Examine the differences between the medical cannabis strains you can grow, choose the right type of strain for you, select how many plants you want to have, and you’re good to go. Program manage projects in the medical cannabis industry, as well as producing and selling our own products under a JuicyFields brand. The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, but it’s an industry where only the rich can thrive. So, here is aim to change that by making cannabis accessible to anyone around the world.
JuicyFields was founded back in 2017. and in the beginning, they spent time conducting research in cannabis science and marketing, gaining the knowledge and skills we needed to build a platform that allows everyone to grow cannabis without having to touch the plants.The team expanded in 2019, with the arrival of veteran growers and engineers. Nowadays, that team consists of experienced professionals (more than 25 years of experience in cannabis cultivation) as well as beginner talents.
The business started in Spain, but there were many difficulties. Priority markets are Europe and Canada, but some of partners also have domestic trade agreements in place. They also sell high-quality THC/CBD vapes under the global JuicyFields brand worldwide.

To start you must be at least 21 years old.The minimum funding is of €50. You have a choice of varieties with different yields: small, medium, high and ultra.You can start a profitable contract for only €50 and by 3 months you will receive your first share from selling cannabis right into your wallet! The average profitability depends on the variety. In Grover’s personal account, you will learn more about which varieties can be grown and how profitable each of them is.JuicyMist – you can expect to generate about 4500-4800€ of total profit in 3 years. JuicyKush – you can expect to generate about 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in 4 years. There is a very special strain with amazing yields JuicyHaze – which makes about 10,000-12,000€ in total profit in 5 years.
For more download presentation paper here – https://juicyfields.io/files/greenpaper
and follow them here:
If you are a blogger or an influencer and you have a marketing/advertising offer you can sent email at marketing@juicyfields.io
If you want to talk about financing or material assistance for the project, email them at finance@juicyfields.io
For sales, distributions, wholesalers, and ambassadors you can contact at sales@juicyfields.io
For partnership proposals ( looking for dispensaries, production, supply, and everything in between) email at partners@juicyfields.io
If you’re interested in working in their team email them at hr@juicyfields.io
If you’re a cannabis startup looking to join the platform, email at partners@juicyfields.io

They want to launch more than 20 partner projects, increasing platform’s total project value from 50 million to 150 million euros and become the number one brand of high-quality THC and CBD vapes in the world.
You can sign up for this program via the link below.

Warning: This job does not have a referral program and is not allowed in all countries.




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