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Forsage called fast money

How to make money on Ethereum ?

    If you don’t read this text carefully you will miss out on a great business opportunity. It’s a potentially big profit on a decentralized program where no one can steal your money. The owners only provide logistical support for this, because they themselves make money from a system that works through the ethereum blockchain. For those who know nothing about etherum, the explanation in the next paragraph follows, and others can skip it and continue below the picture.

The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin and ethereum was second in market value. Vitalik Buterin presented the idea for ethereum to his friends in 2013, and two years later it was released. It is a blockchain network that allows everyone to create decentralized applications and smart contracts. Because it is decentralized, it is not under anyone’s control because the network is maintained by volunteers who receive a reward for it in this cryptocurrency. All transactions are publicly available and you can follow them on this page by entering the transaction number:
https://blockchain.coinmarketcap.com/chain/ethereum .
Its current value is around $ 250 and will probably grow, that you can follow here:



Decentralized matrix on ethereum blockchain

At the end of the first month of 2020, the fully decentralized matrix program Forsage (the first of its kind in the world) was launched, which allows its members to earn ETH. Here are 12 clear and precise ARGUMENTS that confirm this program, never seen before, which is absolutely worthwhile to enter:

1.) What you are perhaps most interested in – how much money can you enter this program with?
Entrance here is, literally, for EVERYONE because you enter with just under $ 15! As you will see later, here you will be able to earn HUNDREDS of ETH with a small starting stake of just 0.05 ETH.
2.) The program is entirely on ETH Smart Contract! This, in practice, means that it will NEVER cannot fail or collapse. Why? Because this program DOES NOT have its owner, who will impose its rules on you, change the marketing, keep part of the earnings and the like.
3.) Your earnings here are NOT CONTROLED by any company, administrator or any third party. Everything you earn, IN THE SAME SECONDS goes to your personal account, which only you can access – WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES! That means you have 100% control here!
4.) The system is located on Blockchain of second the largest cryptocurrency according to the market capitalization in the world. It is a leader in the field and is designed to stay on the market, practically, indefinitely! This means that all ETH you earn, say this year, you can spend in 2-3 years, when its value will be significantly higher.
5.) Anyone can succeed in this system because it is simple, it asks for almost nothing but that is why it gives very, very much. Your money here will never disappear or fail, it will only grow and increase. Once you take a POSITION in the matrix, you never lose it, and it will bring you earnings over and over again.
6.) This is the fairest matrix program I have seen because all 100% of the money (ETH) is shared among the members in the network! In translation, the commissions here are INCREDIBLY HIGH!
7.) This project is, practically, at the beginning, and that opens the door to success and fantastic earnings for all of us.
8.) When registering, you do not need to leave personal data here, do complicated verifications, or fill out some registration forms. Everything is so easy and simple, and that’s what people adore.
9.) There is no danger of a hacker attack here, because the system is, in fact, located on more than a million different computers. There is no site that hackers can “crash” and thus permanently stop the operation of this system.
10.) The interest in this project is HUGE. So far, over 300,000 new accounts have been opened, and that says a lot. Already, the system has generated a profit of over $ 55 million, which is distributed among members.
11.) All information here is transparent and publicly available, permanently recorded on the ETH Blockchain. Believe me, you have never seen such a level of transparency.
12.) The system is fully AUTOMATED and set up so that even weaker promoters, people without much knowledge and experience, can make great money in it.

How exactly does the system work ?

This is a MATRIX business model, which contains TWO MATRIXES – X3 and X4. They are similar but still quite different. Entrance in the both is required because it is not possible in just one.
To get into both matrix, you need to invest just under $ 15 of your money, which is currently 0.05 ETH (with transaction costs). Of this 0.025 ETH goes into the X3 matrix and the other 0.025 ETH goes into the X4 matrix. By that you have bought your positions in both matrices and you CANNOT LOSE those positions anymore! To save them, you don’t need to do anything special, and it’s important to emphasize that you’re no longer required to invest even 1 cent of your money. Both matrices contain 12 SLOTS. You buy the former with your own money, while you buy the rest with your earnings. In other words, you are doing REINVEST and thus earning more and more. When you have collected enough ETH, do an UPGRADE.
The more slots you buy, the higher your earnings. Each subsequent slot costs twice as much, but also brings you twice as much profit. Once purchased a slot cannot be lost and it brings you profit literally while you are alive.
Instead of my writing about the details of the program, watch the video presentation posted by Vitaliy Dubinin, a famous face in the world of cryptocurrencies:
You can also watch a detailed explanation of the compensation plan in this video:

How much will you be able to earn here ?

It mostly depends on how many members you’ve brought in, so let’s take a look at how easiest it is to involve people. Instead of looking for tens and hundreds of members, it’s easiest to involve two, three and teach them to do it themselves. When you repeat this process several times, the network automatically grows and your wallet is continuously recharged.



The table above shows how much money a member would earn today to reach the last, 12th slot. As you can see, this is a huge amount of money over $ 350,000, but this calculation relies on the assumption that 1 ETH is worth about $ 200. However, here they can make money too those who do not bring any members, but only in matrix 4.
It is important that you understand the following facts about this program:

• With just about $ 15 you can earn tens and hundreds of ETH here – without any risk
• Once purchased slot positions are never lost and bring you earnings over and over again
• even if you started with the purchase of only the first slot, you can buy all the remaining 11 slots without investing your own money – only from earnings
• ETH is worth about $ 250 today but its value is constantly growing and is expected to grow by 1000% or more
• any ETH you earn, you can convert to USD, EUR or any other currency and SPEND as you wish

How to get involved ?

And that’s why it’s important to start NOW. I have prepared everything to make your job easier. Here’s exactly what you need to do to start making money in this powerful system today:

1.) First you need to install an add-on called MetaMask on your Internet browser. How exactly you will do this is explained in this video tutorial:
This is so simple that you won’t need more than a few minutes for the whole procedure. MetaMask is, in fact, your wallet where you will store all your earned ETH.
IMPORTANT: If you are going to use your “smartphone” and not a computer, then you need to download the TrustWallet application (instead of MetaMask): https://trustwallet.com/ In that case, you should also register in Forsage on a smartphone, not a computer .

2.) Once you have installed MetaMask, you now need to add 0.05 ETH to it, as you will need that amount to purchase a 1st level slot (2 x 0.025 ETH). How are you going to do that? You can buy ETH on a lot of platforms that sell and buy cryptocurrencies. There are more available in your language, you just need to look for them. Here are some recommendations:
There are other options on how you can buy ETH, and one is to do it through EXCHANGER or exchange offices, and one of the most popular is:
Another good way is to do it through payment processors. For example, if you have ADV Cash or PAYEER, you can buy ETH for a small commission.
IMPORTANT: Many sites require you to purchase some minimum amount of ETH, and at ADV Cash it is, say, 0.25 ETH. Don’t worry about it, because every ETH you buy is yours and you can always convert it to EUR or USD. In addition, if you enter Forsage with more SLOTS purchased, you will progress faster and earn faster. Now that you have purchased ETH, what do you need to do next? During the ETH purchase process, you had to provide the address of your ETH wallet, what means that each purchased ETH will immediately “sit” in your personal ETH account. The next thing you need to do is register in Forsage.

3.) To register in Forsage, be sure to use this link:



MY ID NUMBER: 225230


When registering, you must see this ID number: 225230. If you do not see this ID number, do not continue the registration process and contact the person who gave you this information! You can see exactly how to register in Forsage, through the Trust wallet, in this video tutorial:
IMPORTANT: Pay attention to FEE (transaction cost) when registering. If the costs are higher, wait and continue the process later! Because FEE is constantly changing – falling and rising (depending on the number of transactions currently being performed). There is a way FEE can be reduced. When buying slots, above the amount you want to charge as FEE, there is a small EDIT button. Click on it and you will see that you have 3 options: fast, medium and slow. To reduce FEE, choose the slow option, because it is the cheapest. Once you have made the purchase of SLOT 1 in the X3 and X4 matrix, you are in the system and have taken the most important step. It is important to enter the system as soon as possible! Don’t procrastinate and think too much! Go inside first and after that you will learn everything you need to make a great profit here.

What after entering the system ?

And why is it important to “jump in” to both Forsage matrices – X3 and X4 – as soon as possible? Because this matrix, just like any other, has its “positions” and it is important to take the best possible position. That’s not the only reason. This is also the value of the ETH cryptocurrency. It grows day by day means if you wait and delay your entry, you will pay the same amount of ETH more. There is no need for that thing because it is a cost that you can avoid if you act quickly.

FIRST thing to do after entering is to learn all about the Forsage business system, and the easiest way to do this is to watch the video presentation as well as the compensation plan several times. Of course, if anything is unclear and you have questions, you will be able to contact me and I will give you any necessary explanation. BE SURE TO SEND ME YOUR ID NUMBER, SO I CAN CREATE A PDF SALES DOCUMENT FOR YOU !!!

SECOND, if your resources allow, immediately upon entering the system, purchase the 2nd and 3rd SLOTs in both matrices, X 3 and X4. Why is that good?
• because in that way you IMMEDIATELY create 6 positions that bring you profit
• because it will only cost you around $ 80-90 (as ETH grows, this price will get higher)
And here I have to give you important TIP. Namely, if you plan to bring your direct members to Forsage, you need to buy the first 3 SLOTS in the X3 matrix and in the X4 matrix. However, if you do not intend to bring anyone here (which would be a real shame), then DO NOT buy slots in the X3 matrix, but only in the X4. However, if you want to get the most out of this, my advice to you is to pass this information on to your contacts and be active in both matrices.

THIRD, I will create a PDF for you with this text in which I will embed your referral link and your data, and you will only need to forward it to ALL your contacts. As you can see, everything is quite simple and you will be able to do everything, I’m sure. If there are any additional questions or any ambiguities, I am here to help. This is designed to be extremely SIMPLE and EASY for everyone to do. It is on these foundations that we build our Forsage team. So, join us TODAY.




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