Voomo review

What is Voomo?

    Voomo is the most innovative Smart Contract program ever with a multiple profit-making system. You can join all 4 programs with one 0.1 ETH stake. Voomo is a system developed on Ethereum Bolckchain, and it can never be modified by an admin or hacker. The program is open source and anyone who wants can check the integrity of the project.
Smart contracts allow the execution of reliable transactions and agreements between different, anonymous parties, without the need for a central authority, legal system or external enforcement mechanism. The code controls execution, and each transaction can be tracked separately.
Voomo aims to enable earnings and the creation of an independent income for those who are not able to build their own user structure.



How can I register?
Joining Voomo is very easy. You need to create an Ethereum wallet using one of the following applications: MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase. You can easily download and install applications on your device.
Once you have created your ETH wallet, you need to add enough ETH to it to be able to register.
You will then access the registration via the referral link of the person who provided you with this information. The last step is to pay 0.1 ETH for the first 4 slots in the Voomo system, after which you need to confirm this transaction in your ETH wallet and you have done the registration to the end.

How the multiple earnings works?
Voomo has four different programs in it, which operate separately but simultaneously.
The system divides your 0.1ETH payment evenly into all 4 programs, into 4 equal parts. The first 0.025 ETH opens the Manual X3 program, the second 0.025 ETH opens the Manual X4 program, while the third and fourth stakes of 0.025 ETH open the Automatic X3 and Automatic X4 programs.
Automatic X3 and X4 are activated after you bring at least ONE direct member into the system.

Matrix Manual X3
This system allows you to create your own structure based on your ability to make recommendations with your personal connection.
Each brought recommendation is distributed to all four systems in Voomo.
Manual X3 allows you to insert 3 recommendations into your first line. The first two positions bring you income in the value of the level at which the matrix is, while the third recommendation goes to “reinvest” and opens a completely new empty matrix, which will generate passive income for your incoming lines.

Matrix Manual X4
In this matrix you only need to bring two personal recommendations, which will fill the first two positions. These two recommendations will bring your two recommendations, which will fill the second row of this matrix.
The first row will be paid to your upline. The first three people from the second row will bring earnings to your ETH wallet, while the fourth position will go to “reinvest” and open a new empty matrix for passive earnings.
Manual X3 and X4 levels are purchased exclusively according to the value order, and the levels cannot be skipped.

Matrix Automatic X3
The Automatic X3 is designed for people who want to make money but are unable to do it themselves. This matrix works with a single referral link, which means that everyone who joins the Voomo program will be positioned in chronological order and EVERYONE will benefit from ALL users.
The structure of Automatic X3 is the same as the structure of Manual X3, with the difference that in Automatic X3 you cannot buy the level you want, because the levels are bought and filled in AUTOMATICALLY.
Below you, again, will be 3 recommendations, of which the first two will buy a new level, while the third will go to “reinvest” and open a new empty matrix of that level.
In this way, you will AUTOMATICALLY fill in all lines, and generate a constant passive income.

Matrix Automatic X4
This system is automated like the Automatic X3, and the number of positions is the same as in the Manual X4 system.
In this matrix you will get people AUTOMATICALLY and they will fill the positions in order. When all the positions are filled, the system will open a new empty matrix of the same level, and also bring you an “upgrade” to the next level.
The first two positions in the second row allow you to automatically renew your account thanks to the automatic upgrade system, the third will be sent directly to your ETH wallet, while the fourth will be passive income to your upline, and you will have the same type of income from your downlines.

This feature allows you to get direct members from your uplines, as well as get your direct to get their direct from your recommendations.
If your line brings in more people than it takes to fill in its Manual X3 and X4 matrices, all the “redundant” members come below you and become your direct members.

In the Manual X3 and Manual X4 matrices, the matrix of your direct member is renewed after your direct member brings the last member into its Manual X3 matrix.
You can give your direct member your direct, in order to fill his third or sixth position. This will help your member to speed up recovery and earn the same.
In the Automatic X3 matrix, the matrix below yours is renewed when the third position in that matrix is filled. In the Automatic X4 matrix, the matrix is renewed when the fourth position is filled in the second line.
This way you will get the renewal of your Automatic matrix directly from your downline.

Don’t wait!

If you heard late for Forsage, be among the first in VOOMO which is launch three days ago.
To register, fill in the MetaMask wallet with 0,16 ETH (or Trust walet if you use a smartphone), press the yellow button below, and when you see ID: 3454 click on automatic registration.



Revision of 11.09.2020:
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