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Is Guarantee Downline Club scam or legit ?

What is GDLC ?

    Guarantee Downline Club (GDLC) is a club of free members each building a network of other people to follow them into an undetermined as of yet, payed online business. Members will join the program as one large group instead of going alone and trying to get others to join one by one. Also they pays members for inclusion, so they get a commission only for registering as a free member. GDLC is a work of Mr. Roger McEntyre and Mr. Martin Morse who have over 25 years of affiliate marketing, internet marketing and advertising experience. They say is created a system where everyone can make good money, so let’s check it out.




Free leads system
First is offered Free leads system to gather potential customers. However, you cannot use its link directly on social networks, but via another address, because it can be block. This is not a problem because you can use free sites of multiple services, but the question is whether you want it. Instead, you can pay a $ 7 Lead Lightning upgrade that leaves you $ 6 out of each sales.This has over 22,000 members so far, and features highly converting pages, an email campaign and else useful for sales. It’s not something Wou, but for $ 7 you can’t even expect it.

Make Money Even
Money Even is an affiliate program of 10 USD and includes training of internet advertising. If you join only as a basic member and do nothing else, you are guaranteed earnings on the first day. You will receive a $ 10 registration bonus, making membership FREE! When you sell a basic membership, you get $ 5. Each paid member passed up to you will pass up 5 paid members to you, who pay you the same amount and so on for infinity! You won’t have to recruit people if you don’t like it, because you can sell only by copying and pasting. You get unlimited access to advertising and marketing training for the entire year, and new training for Basic and VIP marketing members is added every month.

UpReachr and Money Plugin Income
Then, there is the automated UpReachr software can make money sending people to a product to buy. If you want to sell this product to a lower line for money, you need to be a JVZoo affiliate. To get paid for everyone who become member, you need to join the MPI (Money Plugin Income), which is set in three steps and costs $ 20. Please note that you will be deducted another $ 6 for an external vendor billing service. In addition to faster payouts, MPI payouts at 3 levels, can also be promoted through the free Free leads system, and the payment is one-time and non-refundable.

TextBot-ai software
In order to better promote this business, there are “Resources” available to you, which contain various e-mails, banners and lists of places with: email lists, online magazines for ads and various marketing tools. Also, you can leave the promotion to TextBot-ai, means advertising and selling done for you using Artificial Intelligence. You will be able to allow AI to sell GDLC or any program you want plus when others pay TextBoti, you will receive $ 100 to $ 500 sent directly to you, and you keep 100% of the profits!
So if you are willing get $ 5 for enrollment, and $ 0.5 for each referral without investment, or earn multiple deposit amounts, join GDLC program below at the button.



There is also a page with recorded webinars of the owners where they explain the different possibilities of this business . Blog page coming soon, as well as additional features.

GDLC is an interesting site that allows members to earn without an initial investment. Administrators are well known and trusted and do not want to steal your money, but allow you to make money. That’s why the place is popular, has a lot of traffic and currently occupies 42,200 on Alexa. They have free and several paid options so everyone can choose something for themselves. Beginners in affiliate marketing should definitely use it, and it gives the more experienced the opportunity for a solid income.

If for some reason none of the offered programs suits you, can try this one mine, which is free and allows you to earn money. It contains all the elements needed to set up own online business so you only have a promotion left. I will talk more about this in a in some one of the future post, but whoever wants can get it immediately by clicking on the link below.




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