The best PTC sites

How useful ptc pages are?

   One of the easiest ways to make money online is to click on ads. Ptc sites, as you know, pay you when you view ads for a certain amount of time. A click is usually followed by a check that you are not a robot and a certain amount is added to your account. It can be in dollars, satoshi, points, and the average value is a tenth of a cent. The number of ads offered is limited, such as 20 per day, and additional earnings qualifications are often required. Payout is possible when you collect a certain minimum amount, an if the site is not scam. You can also advertise in places like this, if you think you like an audience that clicks on ads to make money.

Here I thought to give an overview of as an example for a legit site where you can earn something. However this has already been described in detail by Ivan, so you can read and register below to make some money.



Trusted ptc sites
However, this will not be enough for you so you should work on a few more pages of this kind. I will first suggest you take a look at the foxyrating list of over 500 ptc pages. The top ten is legit because they have existed and paid members for several years: GAB, NeoBux, ScarletClicks, OffersBux, PTCShare, GPTPlanet, Investorclix, Adzbazar, AdBTC, IndexClix. Here you can see their features, advantages, disadvantages and proofs of payment.

Google search
Let’s take a look at more suggestions. If you type “the best ptc sites” into google, the highly ranked result is: “best ptc sites that pays 10 $ per clicks”. Jan used joke to persuade people to open his post. He gives some characteristics and examples inside, but he also says that there are no such pages. The real truth is that there were some, like MyAddsUp, but it was necessary to invest in such ponzi schemes, that failed.
In addition to this, I looked at a good review titled on reviewguru “9 best ptc site in 2020” where the author lists some pages that are also on foxyrating among the top 10. He also included gpt pages with surveys like Swagbucks or InboxDollars, and adds a category: earning potential. In the end, he recommends only first 5, noting that you will not get rich from this.
I’ll end with a recommendation of “17+ Best Paying PTC Sites” which says you can earn an extra $ 200 a month. Perhaps this is true for the USA, as some survey sites are limited to the English speaking area.

Earnings or loss of time?
From the ptc sites themselves you will have a hard time reaching a few tens of dollars as an average user. In some countries, this is a solid income without investment, so I leave it to them to deal with it. But for more serious earnings I recommend affiliate marketing. Those who don’t know how it works can start with a free script to set up your online business by clicking on the link below.




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