OTO List Builder review or how to get Google No. 1

Keywords selection

   In this post I will show you how you can get to the first page of Google or even better No. 1. You probably know that the second page is no interrsting to nobody and you could hide the body there. If your requested result does not come out on the first page no need to browse other pages, than to use other search words. Apart from this, it is also important to be at top of first page. The number of link openings drops sharply as we move downwards, e.g. the first result has 50% views, the second 30% etc. I usually avoid opening sponsored links that are at the top which means that I looking for mostly results from pure organic traffic. Which link will I open I decide by reading the sentences in the description below the text. Among other things, the results are based on the titles and words associated with the search concept. Therefore, when composing a post, it would be good to group them in the same sentence. The user will first click on the description that defines his query, than when those words are scattered throughout the text. For a query you need to choose a term that has few results, e.g. less than 50000. This term should be related to the main subject of the search, if already it is not the subject itself. It is good to add another word to this, which can be more common used, and in combination with the first, reduces the results to several hundred.

Eventually you can add a third word, or combine them with the results which google offers at the bottom of the page. Now, on the basis of this it should be compiled a post that will describe the chosen term and be related to the description of the main topic. Let’s see what this looks like in practice.

So, I want this post of mine on high place on google to have a lot of views. If I type in the search engine “how to get to the first place on Google” I will get 9 billion results and my post no one will see.



OTO List Bilder
So I will choose the term OTO List Bilder what is one older tool for setting up own online business. I have already written about him earlier, and if you do not know what is it, the explanation follows.

It contains gift, funnel, one-time offer, autoresponder and management of list, banner and email. The home page has two menus: to set automatic answeand and everything else, but first we’ll look at what’s in the boxes. There are FAQ, or frequently asked questions, wich most websites have that customers not to call them too much. That is what it says: the script cannot be sold, your site’s mail is used, it will be sent automaticallymail daily to each subscriber, when it fails is most often a error in setting up a cron job, the affiliate retains 100% commission and payment only goes via PayPal. The second box is a brief description script function, and third step by step instructions on how to set it up.

This script is not visually appealing, but it is good for beginners to learn how Affiliate marketing works, besides, it is free. So if you want try your own business, instead of uncertain earnings on someone else’s site, this is an opportunity for you. If you like the system,
you can try paid versions of various companies with tools because I don’t offer it. You can download this script on the yellow link below.



Like google algorithm
Let’s get back to optimization now. In the title I put “OTO List Bilder review or how to get Google No. 1 ” although these two things are not closely related. If we search for “oto list bilder” or “list bilder” I do not get my link on the first page.

However, for the keywords “oto list bilder review” I have Google No. 1 with over a million results what you can see in the picture, and you can check.



How to get people to type this kaywords into a search engine? I could advertise this script through traffic exchange sites such as easyhits4u, free or paid campaign via fb, and the like. Google raises its rating with increasing traffic but does not like exchanges or paid turnover. So I will use the following trick: I will exchange traffic with other marketers in a way that mimics google search. The user types the term in the search engine and when he finds my result on the first page he clicks on it, and after that I do it him. You can get dozens or hundreds of purely organic visits a day, if you have enough candidates. To accomplish this, I will simply build the base of users who are interested in this way of promotion. By time the rating dropp, but I keep it with this method, because who doesn’t want to be on the top of google. An even faster way to a high google place is through Youtube, as the videos often come out at the top of the search.
As you can see I used OTO List Bilder, because of several reasons: to got his link on the first page to make it easier to find, to visitors will get a free gift, to offer a one-time offer from which I can earn if they buy it, to build a list of future customers and also to build a list for traffic exchange.

If you have not yet concluded, OTO List Builder is still associated with good google rating. Namely, anyone who is interested in using such a script also has interest to be better ranked on google. We would go unnoticed due to competition with the main keywords, so we used the shortcut to reach part of the audience interested in optimization. On this way you choose a niche, and your audience will expand over time if you don’t do mistakes.

In this text, I have used keywords moderately, and you need to be careful when position yourself in relation to the competition. Good optimization can achieve solid results with newer domains as well.However, the most important thing for the site is the visit, so I recommend you sign up below for manual traffic exchange.




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