HourATM review or hyips never die

   Watching one post in a fb group: How to Make Money Online with No Scam I found a comment with a copied banner and a referral link. It’s funny to see the code in the text so I looked at what it was about and found this houratm.com.

HourATM Is an 24/7 Forex, cryptocurrency investment & trading, binary options trading company that works automatically….”
One more hyip that offers from 1.17% for 90 hours to 1600% for 15 days. In the first plan is a stake of $ 5-450, and for the last from 10,000-500,000. If we look at the scamadviser.com the site has a phenomenal 1% confidence. The rating is, among others, also based on bad comments on Truspilot which gave it a 85% bad rating: trustpilot.com.
Although no one will invest half a million here, some have been deceived nonetheless with a stake of a few hundred dollars. I don’t know if they were drawn by greed, or explanation on the page: 10 years of experience, $ 80 million in earnings last year, a registered GB firm. The best note is written in bold font that there is no risk because they returns money to the dissatisfied. We can add to this links to verified sites for buying bitcoin, and fictional mannequins in their development team. On the Truspilot are dominated statements that it is a scam that pays out earnings only for small stakes. Another group confirm scam, and comments some other sites that saved them from bankruptcy. I haven’t checked these but it’s probably another hyips.
It is difficult to expect larger stakes here, but some elements can to deceive the inexperienced. Except they probably haven’t heard of Scamadviser or Trustpilot, the site looks very good on allhyipmonitor allhyipmonitors.com which means he mostly pays them out. The page shows statistics of earn by $ 63 million paid 54 million, and enrolled nearly 90,000 members. I don’t really believe that $ 700 is an average stake, but there seem to be plenty of them who believe, so it reached Alexa about 22,000 for the first year.
But this year will be the last with this program because more and more people will understand what is about. In support of this I will cite another revision to from one younger domains: wisdomganga.com. There author presents an interesting conclusion about the intentions of the site owner:
“We are deceiving you and with your help and cooperation we will deceive others. Also, for this we will offer you a very high commission which we will never pay ”. On this link read the testimony of NARASIMHAPRASAD who sucks over $ 900: cryptofaucets.org.

Instead of risking losing money on sites like this, explore the possibilities in safer programs like some on Online Money Browser fb page.

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