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What are Rev share sites?


   For the Elevate Pass review I will quote a handy text I found from one of the program promoters.
“Any company that offers a return on a capital contribution into a business can be called a Rev Share ! Call it what you want but these companies share revenue back to their members. In this industry the title “Rev Share” or revenue share will have an immediate negative impact as it is well known that people have lost money with them after they either collapse or get shut down by regulators. The classic type of Rev Share that most people think of in our network marketing industry our companies like Traffic Monsoon or My Advertising Pays. These companies created traffic exchanges where you have to click ads and watch them in order to earn a small % daily return.
You were basically promised to earn money for doing nothing more than watch ads ! There was a whole bunch of these that were circulating the internet for a period between 2016 and 2019 and they then disappeared as the trend began to change. There are now other types of Rev Shares that people love to join with entirely different models. Instead of clicking ads and earning a daily % of profits there are companies now that offer a contribution package into forex or cryptocurrency trading technology.
Bots that trade the markets and you earn a passive income from profits generated by these systems. The profits are shared between the company and its members.
They are extremely popular because again passive income can be generated for members and the only thing they have to do is contribute capital into the system.
Now just like in any business there are inherent risks attached because whatever opportunity you contribute your capital into, you basically lose control of that capital and place your trust in the system that these companies are offering.
So it all boils down to trust and making a personal decision to part with your money in order to let someone else create more money from their system for you without you having to do anything for it other than contribute.
Companies that share profits or revenue have been around forever and it’s nothing really new at all.
The real issue for people is choosing companies that actually have a sustainable business model and can demonstrate long term growth at a low risk to the user.
Most people leave their capital in a bank to earn an annual percentage rate but in real terms there is little possibility of earning anything as inflation and historically low interests rates mean keeping your money in a bank long term actually loses you money and in some cases people are having to pay banks to keep their money there. However most people feel safe to keep their money held in a bank. For those people who are less risk averse, revenue share opportunities are appealing as they see the opportunity to increase their capital substantially over a short time frame and are prepared to take the risks that are inherent to these companies.
So from the point of view of someone like me who has a high tolerance for taking risks and enjoys being able to make short term gains but at the same time knowing that I could potentially lose my money then I am more than willing to contribute into platforms that offer a passive income or a share of revenue.
The ability to have multiple passive income streams flowing into my wallet is very appealing and being able to operate these types of systems whilst working from home makes it even more appealing.
If you are completely averse to taking risks with your money then you should stay away from them because nothing is guaranteed in this world except taxes and death.



Elevate Pass is diferent


So with all that being said the latest passive income project I have chosen to contribute to is “Elevate Pass”. Some people are calling it a REV SHARE like Traffic Monsoon or MAPS. Well I don’t see it like those at all.
If I describe the model then it is clear to see how it is in know way similar to a generic Traffic Exchange.
Firstly there is no free money to be earned by clicking ads or performing a task and getting paid.
Secondly there is no traffic exchange on the platform so you cannot see any advertising on the platform at all.
Thirdly the company does not generate passive income from advertising. The way this platform works is that you can purchase a package that entitles you to advertise on external websites via banner ads. So you buy Ad Credits in exactly the same way as if you were going to buy Banner ads on any website.
When you buy your ad credits you then receive the ability to earn a cash back reward of 200% on the value of the advertising credit packages that you purchased over time.
This 200% is funded by the company who channel the funds into a Trading Desk that use AI Trading algorithms and manual traders. There is no set time frame for receiving these rewards as profits can only be generated if the trading is successful.
The company states that UP TO 3% rewards are what is hoped to be achieved by the trading systems but there is no guarantee of 3% target being reached each week as trading is difficult and trades can be lost as well as won profits could be less or more but the maximum the company would release on a good week is 3% if it were achieved by the trading.
So in an ideal scenario and the traders generate 3% per week then these rewards will be paid out each week until each pack achieves 200% of its value at which point the pack will expire and you can then either replace the pack and start again or walk away with a 200% reward for having done nothing more than buy advertising credits to promote whatever you want on external websites.
For those people that choose to help grow the business there is an additional rewards plan that offers additional bonuses for marketing the company as an affiliate.
From the purchase of the packages from anyone you personally invite to the opportunity you receive a 10% reward of the value of the packages purchased. An additional bonus comes in the form of a matrix bonus. So every person that you invite to the company fall into a matrix position that rewards a 1.8% bonus payment for each package purchased by your personally referred member and the same 1.8% from any other member that is invited by your referrals. There are certain criteria that you have to meet in order to open up the levels of the matrix so you do have to achieve certain results in order to gain more from the matrix as it grows.
As you earn more commissions from your referrals so you are able to open up different levels of the matrix to earn more commissions. This is all part of a career plan for more business minded people that see the opportunity of making bigger incomes from helping the company grow.
So the BIG QUESTION that people want to know is can this be sustainable over the long term ?
Well the truth is nobody can predict the future and it really boils down to the success of the traders that are generating the revenue to pay the rewards for the passive income. The passive income is the only income that has to be concerned about as the purchase of advertising will pay for the affiliate commissions without an issue therefore the risks are based around the traders doing their part and making profits. This is the risk that we all choose to take when trying to make passive income for doing absolutely nothing.
Ultimately though when you purchase a package then you are receiving AD Credits in return, which you can promote then use to promote anything you want.”





If you’re playing retail the math is this: if you put $ 10, and that’s a condition that you get a referral link, and include 10 referrals you get your stak back. In 7.5 months, they would earn another $ 10 if the payout went according to plan. For larger stakes, referral earnings depend on their stakes, your position in the matrix, and the payout regime. Profit can be high with a well-developed network, what you can read in the FAQ. The program is still in the prelounch phase for another month, so it’s not too late to get involved for those who like to take risks.


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