What exactly is 5billionsales?

What does 5billionsales offer?


   The home page has everything commonly but it is arranged a little differently to arouse the interest of visitors, and it succeeds. In three months, it reached Alexa rank of around 20,000. This is further enhanced by offers, pre-launch phase, and free membership. The opportunity was offered with a populist subtitle: Everyone Can Do This!
Then they present two services:
SERVICE 1 – Removing the power and trillions of $ from big players that run the Web and give it back to every person that uses it. First pioneering Web service is free. It provides every Internet user the opportunity to earn $400 to use the Internet without doing anything differently. It’s the opportunity for 5 billion people to earn a passive income without investing $1 and is yours to earn $100 commission recurring yearly for each user you introduce.You also get paid ONE override of $5 from everyone in your 16 level network,every 12 months for life.
SERVICE 2 – Is a revolutionary service that offers powerful opportunities to 1 billion web sites to generate 100x more profit and share it with you as commission.This sales booster can be used on any web site that has at least one product or service that generates a profit or income when sold to include subscriptions and membership.Here you get paid TWO commissions: $10 commission for each client and $200 – $1000 recurring profit share commission. You also get paid TWO overrides from everyone in your 16 level network: $1 override for each client and $10 – $50 recurring profit share override.
The idea is to distribute the $ 500 billion commission earned on online activities to members. Before launch gives you the chance to build a powerful network that’s ready to deploy and earn commission the minute it launch. You get paid overrides from 16 levels deep x unlimited width.Their services are a secret until launch to prevent copycats. They announce the loading of educational material 5 days before launch, then migration to a new page the day before, and introduction to the service in person and earn commissions on the day of launch.



What does 5billionsales look like to me?


I have already seen a similar approach to expanding the business, and this one is reminiscent of Onpassive. Their prelaunch lasted for months and never ended, but they took money from the founding members immediately. 5 billion sales are announced from the use of social networks, which is fine, but there is one limitation here. From the mathematics of earnings for services, commissions are expected through matrices that are multiplied by a large number of members. In practice, this usually goes little differently, but let’s wait for the services to be announced. For matrices, two scenarios with the same ending are generally possible: stagnation due to too fast or too slow expansion. More stable projects spread more slowly and last longer, and very popular ones, such as Forsage, quickly consume all interested members.





The page ends with this call to action: Start your network today, expect to retire soon. It is a classic mlm bait that many bite but few succeed, such as Donal Trump. The first condition is that you make a large network, and the second that the business does not fail. However, it is often easier to make a big network on a fake job that promises a lot. But such soon becomes a failed business so you are at the beginning again, and you have neither retire and network. It is now too early for a final conclusion about this opportunity presented as “British company from a holding company with 25 websites”. We will follow what will happen with this, and in the meantime you can register at the link below and build a network while everything is free.


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