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Unfortunately, there is no best online business because it depends on what you want to do, whether you want to invest, what risk is acceptable, and like that. To get an insight into the offer, and possibly choose one that suits you, there are several categories of jobs below. If you already have a job you want to check, I’ll analyze it, you can get the first one for free.

PASSIVE earning is the best kind of profit making if you are not doing your own business. But there are few real deals, especially those with tempting offers, what open space to various HYIP-s that attract investors. Since every hyip sooner or later fails and most of people lose money, it is worth presenting such a program with earnings from 3 – 6% per month:   

PPC (pay per click) is an ad viewing, average of 10 seconds, after that you need to click confirm that you are not a robot. The daily offer usually contains tens of ads and earnings of 1/1000 of dollars. Here are some ppc pages:

HYIP is an investment with an unrealistically high return. The payout is made here from the payments of new members, and after a maximum of 2-3 years the program fails. On this page you can choose, according to the features, what do you like:

FOREX is a global decentralized market for currency trading, and besides, online brokers usually offer stock and commodity trading. Trading is often done on the Meta Trader 4 or 5 platform, and you can open a $ 100,000 demo account here: In addition to trading independently, you can copy successful traders and invest in trading fund with mutual risk.

AIRDROP is a free cryptocurrency token distribution in exchange to project support. It includes membership of social media groups, and advertising with referral collection. Here you can see the various airdrops with a list of required actions for each of them:

SHARE earning is the profit made by selling current or future shares. These are shares from crowdfunding campaigns of start-ups. Therefore, the risk of business success as well as the equity selling platform itself should be considered.   

MATRIX earning is an attempt to make money from a structure that is mathematically unsustainable in the basic version. After some time, growth slows down because the number of members needs to go to infinity. That is why this problem is being tried to solve by reallocation of funds, using system accounts, external revenues and like that. The best is decentralized matrix with cryptocurrency like this:

SELL earnings is made by selling physical items or software, usually as a affiliate. Sales are made via a referral link on specialized sites. Your job here is to advertise a product through a personal page, banner, forums and in other ways, so after the sale you get a commission.

NETWORK earning is making money by building a network without your own stake. Investing increases your chances of earning, but it is not necessary because you earn a commission when members of your network buy something. This is the longest running program, that also provides training:

MLM is a multilevel sale used by Avon company among the first. Instead of advertising in the media, they started paying their customers who advertised their products. Later, many companies took over this model in which you gain career status by building a network.

OWN business is the most cost effective way to make money online because you work only for yourself. You need to choose a niche, product and toolbox and then learn how the business works. There are a variety of courses that can be expensive so you can get started with my free system by clicking the button below:



If that is not enough for you, try this course, it is free for the first two weeks and has a paid upgrade afterwards:

GAMES are an online party that you can turn into earning money when you acquire a certain skill. Except to additional games, you can also win some prizes and cash here. Testing new games is paid on this page via PayPal, if they choose you:

GPT (get paid to) sites reward you for performing a variety of simple tasks such as surveys, video watching, email confirmation, subscription, clicking, and like that. Since business is not difficult, you will not get rich with this. To maximize your earnings, you can use multiple pages, here’s one list:

FAUCETS are web pages that share free tokens in exchange for your presence on them. This means that you have to make confirmations at specific intervals. These amounts are usually low, and they pay you out of the advertising revenue from the page.

SURVEYS are the most common product audits that companies pay you for it. These are more available in more developed countries as it work for their markets. Sometimes they are used points of a certain value, and more experienced members have a better offer:

MINING is a cryptocurrency creation process that can be done with your own resources, pooled in mining pools, or cloud mining as a rental facility. Miners are pooling together to reduce investment and thus gain rewards easier, and the largest pool is Most cloud mining sites are scams, and these are checked: .

RENT is the hire of computer power to mine cryptocurrencies, store data or work of applications. Mining reward is low-cost because of the low power of the computer, even when a pool is formed. This site pays, for testing its software, to users with higher Internet speeds:

GAMBLE are various games of chance such as betting, poker, roulette, lotto and more. If there is no fraud, it is usually only the owner who earns the safely, like does it a low percentage of players, while the vast majority loses. The players know this, but still play expecting they will find the system error or just be lucky.

ICO is an initial crypto offering conducted by startup companies to raise funds for further development. Most cryptocurrencies tend to rise briefly after going out to the stock market and then drop sharply, since they are bought for speculative purposes, so this should be taken into account when buying. Here are projects categorized and rated by characteristics:

TRADE without broker is possible in almost 20000 cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike forex, this market has hight volatility, so higher profits and losses are common. On this page you can find statistics of listed cryptocurrencies, its websites, list of exchanges with its turnover and more:

PONZI schemes are as unsustainable as matrices, but they always try to be masked by some real job. The characteristic of this business is the construction of a network, but the products do not exist or are fictive as educational packages, trading bot, software of data dislocation and the things like that. Only early investors make money in such programs, but sometimes it is not easy to recognize them, here are some suspicious ones:

WATCH videos is similar to watching ads, but more interesting. You can also find or present your own fun videos here. A member’s earnings usually grow with the stake and it is shared with other participants if the site is not scam.

You can find even more jobs on this page that lists over 70 categories: