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This is a selection of current topics on the website of the Internet business written in the Croatian language, but I would like to be viewed whole.
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Kairos Planet – posted 30.07.16.

I will present a year and a half old program called Kairos Planet . It has launched by Kairos Technologies, based in London, a young company specializes in innovation of Internet technology. Kairos has developed a secure data storage system in the cloud. After the encryption data are divided into smaller units and these are stored in different IT address. So, this dislocated memory Kairos finds in users’ computers. You can rent them your space on the disk and earn passive income to $ 19 a day per computer, but you can also achieve much higher income from active work. You get a percentage of the value of the package of each new member that is not hard to find because they are so far concluded 160 000 contracts in 52 countries. In addition to data storage corporation is developing applications for individual protection. It also works on the production of software and soon will introduce safe telephone no eavesdropping, and safe router.

-the IT industry, and cloud technologies are very profitable and fastest growing areas of development
-the firm has a branch in the USA and own team in the formula which indicates its financial stability
-with rent memory you earn passive income and by enrollment of new members active but it is not mandatory
-basic standard package costs $ 125 and requires 15 MB of disk space for every day earns revenue $ 0.86    which is $ 314 per year, with this package you also get a free KairosMail protected by encryption
-silver package is worth $ 597, requires 70 MB of memory, for this you get $ 4.09 a day or $ 1,493 per year,    with this you will get KairosMail and KairosSurf which allows secure internet surfing
-third package is the gold which costs $ 1,577 and requires 180 MB, passive income for it is $ 10.8 per day or    $ 3,492 per year, with this package you get KairosMail, KairosSurf and KairosDisk for secure data storage
-largest package called platinum, with a price of $ 2,777 requires a memory of 320 MB, the income of which is    $ 19.02 per day or $ 6,492 a year, you’ll get all three secure applications and protected KairosPhone
-to enter the partners you will receive 15% of the package and this is a direct bonus, when you have three    direct entries you become assistant and also get 3% of the turnover of the third depth
-entry into the second depth delivers 10% of the package and that is a start up bonus, with three assistant you    are manager and so earn 5% of the turnover of the third depth
-bonuses third depths are determined by rank career, senior manager has three managers and gets 7% of    turnover, Kairos pays 30% bonus steps from assistant to Cheef, a total of 60%
-the distribution system of active earnings is not a pyramid because the percentages deducted, for example,    manager gets 5% to two from the third depth, while for third gets 2%, since then assistant receives 3%
-so far the members had no objections regarding payment
-there are some doubt about this business because the whole program on some pages assessed as a scam, but    there you can also see the proof of payment
-company does not disclose the names of clients even though it may be for safety reasons
-the high cost of rental of memory that could be justified by the quality of the product
-expansion of the number of partners can go to a certain point when the business becomes unprofitable and    rules out the possibility of further active earnings

Mobile Binary Code – posted 23.07.16.


You’ve probably already learned that all video advertisements on a large income that can be found on the website, especially those that come via e-mail, are scams. The last one I got called Mobile Binary Code. The owner has a villa from the movie, drives an expensive car and leads a luxurious life. Then comes to the company with a large commercial space, where a secretary awaits him, and begins to talk about software for binary options that the last three months is not lost. I’ve had enough of this BO scam and I will not write more about them than refer you to this site, which it monitors.

Quick cash method – posted 22.06.16.

If like me you get this mail with underlying links:
The team here with some exciting news
This is the hottest talk of the trading world right now, and they’ve agreed to take on a few TraderHQ readers on for a business internship:
Go here now and get started immediately >>)
the last thing you should fall by heart is that you will lose a lot of money if you do not immediately take advantage of this great opportunity. If you open the link you can see this video:


I looked on Google and there were no comments, while YouTube was only 22 views, then a new thing. But what will review when the fraud was clear: certain Michael Thompson, the actor probably, promising earnings of $ 5,795 a day or he would pay $ 5,000 to you. You just need to open an account with $ 250 and use certain signals, to his quick cash method achieved profits of 100%. He also warns that the offer is valid for the first twenty applicants, as it will later in this charged fee of $ 3,000. After a few days I found some positive comments of other actors, and here you can see one real. It should be noted that now can not find the video on YouTube, but you can get it by email.

Alderley Code – posted 07.06.16.

Aderley Code is quite common types of fraud based on binary options. I got it in the mail in the form of video advertising for some software that always hits, mostly naive enough to not even watch it till the end. Therefore, I will put a link to this review if you’re interested, but more like a recommendation for a page that gives good reviews. Although I’m not so sure they are right when it comes to other software, NEO2, which are recommended. If it is true what I think it is more likely that this is a sophisticated fraud but that it deliberately praise.
For those who would still like to see Alderley Code scam from a variety of motives:

NEO2 – posted 03.06.16.

Binary options software NEO2 is a good example of risky investments. Enough is advertised as a tool that makes money, not too big but stable income, and by many users, but it’s also free. If I had it and I tried I would probably put it in the column of fraud and therefore should contact those that are damaged, or let me deny. In the video below you will see why I was suspicious.