Hotelium projekt kao turizam za svakoga

Što je hotelium projekt Hotelium projekt možemo ukratko definirati ovako:To je prilika za svakoga da posjeduje dio nekretnine što mu omogućava pasivnu, a uz dodatni rad i aktivnu zaradu. Pasivnu zaradu možemo objasniti ovom izjavom: plaća ide a ja ležim,što nije loša opcija jer možete raditi i bilo šta drugo. Network Hotelium projekt nije pao… Continue reading Hotelium projekt kao turizam za svakoga

LeadsLeap and free traffic

   It’s been a long time since I wrote abou LeadsLeap and it still here. Its owner, Kenneth, offers an honest approach to its members, it doesn’t even persuade you to take a subscription, and that’s why it lasts.   Free tools that are updated over time provide a reason to use the site constantly. Direct… Continue reading LeadsLeap and free traffic


Hotelium program review

   If you have solved your existence or you can provide everything you need in life with your current job then this story is not for you. But there are few of such, and the others are looking for additional income, either through passive income from investments or some kind of work. In the first case… Continue reading Hotelium program review