LeadsLeap and free traffic

   It’s been a long time since I wrote abou LeadsLeap and it still here. Its owner, Kenneth, offers an honest approach to its members, it doesn’t even persuade you to take a subscription, and that’s why it lasts.

Free tools that are updated over time provide a reason to use the site constantly. Direct earnings on the site are not large, but that is not its main purpose, but the earnings from the traffic received. That why in the description of the dashboard he recommends building your business flow in 4 phases. The first is sales made through advertising on their network with over 200,000 visitors a day on thousand of pages. Then a social review with exchange of experiences and internal traffic. The tracker measures the length of the surf on your links to you get real traffic and not bots.  

List Builder is offered through a list manager that allows the creation and sending of automated mails.
Page Builder is a tool for creating landing pages for campaigns, with the form generator for logging into products in the form of pop-ups. Potential customers are tracked via email by sending follow-up emails such as for an e-course or broadcasting mass mail. Growth is maintained through a network of ten levels that later increases on its own. You are also allowed to communicate with your followers that you have gained with confidence. Highlighted latest posts are taken from the blog where you can find out the experiences of members on various topics related to internet earnings or share them with them. The site keeps statistics on clicks, credits, reviews, listings, landing pages, ads, images.
The upgrade provides additional features for more serious use of the platform and costs $ 17 / month. No surfing is required here while free members do so sharing traffic. Members need to renew ads every 7 days, and all have an internal quality assessment. During surfing, the length of the active ad review is measured, which gives quality. It is possible to earn extra by placing a widget on your site. The system sends one email per day with the selected review or experience through a short story. It also contains ads, and free members should qualify to earn by surfing 10 ads a day.

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