AI Marketing – future of advertising

How AI Marketing Works


   AI Marketing is a program that uses artificial intelligence for advertising. Their MarketRobot showed profitability between 25 and 35% profit per month on the advertising budget amount. System analyzes trends in social media and search queries to select the key words gaining popularity regionally. Moderation of advertising campaigns at Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct and other social media takes usually up to 48 hours. Platform is connected to cashback programs of over 50 websites. After customers attracted by the advertising purchase a product or service, the Cashback Program Operator notifies about the cashback via API, and an accrual with the “Pending” status appears in member’s personal account. If the customer does not request to refund or return the purchased, CPO confirms a purchase and system receive cashback. Members get 55% on “cashback” available for withdrawal, while website gets 45%. Cashback confirmation time depending on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days.



What else does the site offer


Payments are made via Payeer, Perfect Money and crypto wallets, and cards are also planned. There are no withdrawal limits, payments are allowed from $ 50 to $ 1,000, and the system only launches an advertising campaign when the balance is $ 10 or more. You can also make money without any investment, participating in company events and achieving tasks offered by the company. also offers a service for companies: increase sales from MarketBot integration into the client company’s website and support for advertising campaigns by GPAP algorithms. There is a shop on the site where you can buy affiliate products, and the system also includes an offline offer. The site is also connected to an inb network that allows members to earn extra money.



INB Network


NfoBusiness.Network creates business environment that allows their members to earn online. The company earns a share of the income of the partner project for introducing a large customer base. So here clients earn through individual work at the partner platform, by new members invitation, or trading internal currency called NBO tokens. They can keep affiliate and Bonus levels working with any partner company, and there is no need to start all over again when a new agreement is concluded with a new online project. NBO are ERC20 standard tokens that are accepted as the internal currency of inb.etwork. Currently value of NBO is 1:1 USD, and it is determined by it’s exchange rate at PRTN assets is the account that the referral income is credited to, value of PTRN is 1:1 USD too, and account balance is available for withdrawal. MLM corporate ladder includes 14 partner levels with income from 5 to 15%. Referral income depends of member’s network turnover, increases when somebody in the network makes a purchase. Eg. if agent has sold product of $ 1000, revenue will be distributed like this: agent-50, vip agent-20, manager-20, vip agent-60 PTRN. Own purchases are added to the turnover only if you have active products on your account. They use special gruping formula to calculated partner turnover for sell NBO tokens to the company at 1 USD/NBO par value and they can set weekly buyback limits per account. Also, if you looking for a large audience for your product you can contact this network.



My experiences with this program


I joined the program on 21.04. I got a picture of virtual card with my name, number, and balances on two accounts: pending and payout. The card can be ordered for $ 10, and would be valid until 04.2023. I have activated a $ 50 promotional bonus that the company offers to check the operation of the system. This advertising bonus you will back at the first payout of a minimum of $ 150. On the fourth day, my Bot was activated and in a few hours I earned 38% commission,or $ 19, you can see the picture.







The company, the owner of this site, has been registered in Hong Kong since 2017. It is among the top 1000 places on Alexa, and partner in 5000. It also has good comments on Trustpilot, and 100% trust by scamadviser. Bot works for a few days until spends the advertising budget and then needs it feed by money for new campaigns. I did not find the statements of some deceived members. Using of Visa and MasterCard cards is planned what further confirm the quality. So you can’t lose anything, use the subscription link below, took a $ 50 voucher and start receiving passive earnings.






For active earnings, where you build your own business through a proven platform see my recommendation.




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